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Florals with geometrics lend a modern edge to feminine prints


I come from a family of four girls. For Easter our mother always dressed us in matching flower patterns because she wanted her girls to look "like an English flower garden" when we went to church together.

For my mother's 50th birthday we are having a family garden party, and I would love to wear something to show her that I remember our Easter dresses.

But I also want to look sophisticated and modern. Can you suggest something?

You will find many delightful florals ranging from computer prints to hand-painted designs.

Giovanna Ferragamo, who loves to combine classic scarf patterns in slim elegant dresses, points out that florals are timeless: "A floral print is youthful yet appropriate for any age."

When looking for your dresses, take a hint from Giovanna. She combines her florals with geometrics. The designs are pretty and feminine, but the geometric shapes give them a modern edge.

I've had the same hairstyle for 15 years. It's shoulder-length, straight, thick and frames my round face quite prettily. All I need is a trim every six weeks or so.

But next month I turn 40, and my 15-year-old daughter tells me I should loosen up a little -- at least have my hair layered. Before I make this change (a drastic one for me), I want some expert advice. Any suggestions?

The chances are layering will make you look younger. Layering lightens the weight of the hair, so it can be styled in different ways. You can keep the simple shape for day and then change it for parties.

Here's the word from an expert, Borja, who has his own hair and color studio in New York.

"Thick, straight hair sits flat on top of the head," she said. "Layering gives it movement."

"If you have a round face, ask your stylist to cut long wisps around the face. This will make your face look longer and give some height. Push the hair off your face and leave a few wisps on the side to minimize the curve of your cheeks.

"If you are thinking of lightening your hair color, don't go too blond. Darker hair around the face elongates it."

"And remember your hair should be cut before it is colored."

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Pub Date: 5/14/98

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