A rice mix for those who like it hot


* Item: Zatarain's New Orleans Style Jambalaya Mix

* What you get: About 6 servings

* Cost: About $2

* Preparation time: About 35 minutes on stove top or 30 minutes in microwave

* Review: If the '80s make their predicted comeback, we'll all be sipping blush wine, listening to zydeco music and downing this Cajun rice mix. Tastes to me like Zatarain's - a New Orleans company - is using an authentic, Big Easy recipe. There's plenty of heat, so only die-hards will reach for the Tabasco. (For those DTC who don't like it hot, the box also includes a recipe for toning down the cayenne.) This mix cooks simply, but make sure you have a pound of precooked chicken, ham, smoked sausage or shrimp on hand before you get started.

Pub Date: 5/13/98

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