Proposed budget would keep Taneytown tax rate the same


Taneytown's property tax rate would remain unchanged under a proposed $1.5 million budget for fiscal 1999 that was scheduled to be introduced by the City Council last night.

The proposed budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1 keeps the property tax rate at 78 cents per $100 of assessed value.

Increases in property assessments are expected to boost the city's revenue from property taxes by $97,000, to $648,000.

Under the proposed budget, Taneytown would spend $378,000 for administration; $307,000 for public safety; $674,000 for road projects and maintenance; and $149,000 for parks and recreation. Other expenses include insurance and fund transfers.

Spending in all categories would be increased, with the largest single increase -- $150,000 -- for road projects.

The council also introduced a utility budget, which projects that revenues from sewer service fees will grow from $190,000 this year to $418,000 for next year.

City officials have said they will have to raise customers' fees -- but have not specified the amount of the increase -- to help with the cost of building a $6.8 million sewage treatment plant that will reduce the nutrients in treated effluent. Eighty-five percent of the cost is expected to be financed by state grants and loans.

The council also agreed to research an ordinance to stop residents from pumping out swimming pools onto neighbors' lawns.

City Manager Charles "Chip" Boyles reported that he gets three or four complaints a year from residents whose lawns have been inundated by neighbors preparing their pools for winter.

The council asked Boyles to research an ordinance.

Councilman James A. Wieprecht wondered aloud if people who pump the contents of their pools onto neighboring property "are going to worry about a $30 fine, a $50 fine."

Pub Date: 5/12/98

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