It's All Greek to Me

If you think that olive oil is just for fish fries and lasagna dinners, check out the Olive Oil From Greece home page. Like the culture passed down from the ancient Greeks, this is a tasteful site, full of history, meal ideas and fun facts. Climb the olive tree to http://www.greekoliveoil.com/ and discover why olive oil has long ignited the passions of food lovers from around the world. You'll travel to olive-producing regions all around Greece and learn how this unique fruit is harvested. The recipe page has a wide assort-ment of mouth-watering dishes, from grilled swordfish to the classic Greek salad. Go back in time and meet the Greek gods who mastered the science of olive tree cultivation.

Make the News

Who said public television was boring? No way! "on2" is the coolest side of public television you've ever seen - because it's made by students just like you. Slide up to the news desk at http://www.pbs.org/ newshour/infocus/ to catch the latest reports from the best sources. There are tons of topics, covering everything from high fashion to natural disasters. You can log on with guest experts and listen to interviews. But don't just interact. Act! "on2" is just waiting for you to get behind the camera and into the newsroom. Is there an ace reporter lurking inside of you?


Space travel is a dangerous, if not impossible, task for most, but thanks to NASA's Solar System Simulator, star-hopping can be as easy as clicking your computer mouse. Shuttle out to http://space.jpl.nasa.gov/ and see the planets as never before. Like having a planetarium in your own home, the simulator lets you gaze at the sun, moon or stars from a variety of viewpoints. The images are breathtaking and colorful, and will be sure to give you a better understanding of the solar system. Saturn may look cool from Earth, but wait until you see it from Pluto! Still hankering for more galactic fun? The site also has sample scenes, movie clips and a space library. The Solar System Simulator is your chance to get a closeup look at the final frontier.

Be a 4Kids Detective

When you know the answers to these questions, go to http://www.4Kids.org/detectives/

When did full-scale cultivation of olives begin in Greece?

What are the two ways students can contribute to "on2"? What color will the planet Neptune be at 6p.m. 5/10/99?

Pub Date: 5/12/98

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