Watch it! Time is just one element


Watches that tell only the time and date are a passe. If you want to see what watches can really do, consider these:

If you're forever searching for your television's remote control, the Casio Wrist Remote will keep it strapped to your wrist. This $79.95 gadget combines a watch with a remote control for your TV and VCR. The remote includes a power switch, channel and volume controls and VCR navigation buttons. For more information, call 800-YO-CASIO or surf to

Beepware by Timex tells the time and beeps you when somebody wants you. The one-ounce, 1-inch wide gadget includes alphanumeric pager that can store up to 16 numbers or word messages. It provides silent or visual alerts and comes with choice of local and national paging plans. As a watch, Beepware provides 10 alarms or reminders, an INDIGLO night-light and a 100-hour stopwatch. Estimated price, $129.95. For more information call Beepware at 800-727-2931 or point your browser to

Pub Date: 5/11/98

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