Track opponents didn't have time to rebut...


Track opponents didn't have time to rebut change

The April 23 editorial, "Spinning their wheels," was very revealing in what it said about the conditional use zoning change approved by the Anne Arundel County Council.

A number of council members had continued to tell community members who were affected by this far-reaching change that they had not made a decision and wanted to hear their concerns.

Residents learned otherwise when the council voted after one evening of testimony that was limited to two minutes per person.

This record-breaking zoning change did not allow time for citizen requests to review the two studies that had been submitted by Middle River Racing Association two working days earlier (after a wait of nearly three weeks).

It did not allow the time to find out how this new 60,000-seat stadium is accounted for in the county's general development plan. (The answer: It isn't.)

To suggest that citizens were responsible for asking for changes to a plan for a stadium that supposedly is not even approved yet is absurd.

Many opposition speakers asked the council for a delay to become more informed. Just a few of the many items that require more detail consisted of reviewing transportation plans; determining how the existing road infrastructure and sewage pumping capabilities of North County would be affected; and asking to have the noise study by MRRA repeated (since Maryland Department of the Environment's noise division determined it was not even a noise study for the Cox Creek site).

Residents must have hard facts if they are to offer thoughtful suggestions when adding conditions to zoning changes.

The residents, with less than three weeks to gather facts, were no match for MRRA which has been honing its presentation (while bouncing from site to site) for the past year as it curried favor with elected officials.

Meanwhile, many residents in the greater Pasadena area are just learning about this issue. The one amendment that was requested, to prohibit all gambling and gaming on this site, was voted down 5-2 by the council. What does that tell you?

There were so many unanswered questions that a two- or four-week delay would have allowed the time for research and clarification. The council members' dirty little secret was that they had already made up their minds.

Unfortunately, it is likely that a court of law will be necessary to address the concerns of the citizens of Marley Neck peninsula.

Marcia E. Drenzyk


County GOP set party back 20 years

When will Anne Arundel Republicans wake up and smell the coffee?

They just set back their party 20 years by chasing out the most dedicated public servant I have ever met. I could almost understand if they were attempting to protect a viable incumbent, but John Gary?

I moved to Anne Arundel County six years ago to escape the declining quality of life in Bowie. Mr. Gary is now doing to Anne Arundel what Parris Glendening did to Prince George's.

His idea of economic development is racetracks (certain to become a casino with cars circling outside) and used car lots.

But every cloud has a silver lining. Diane Evans will be our next county executive.

'Kathleen O'Neil Pettit


What planet does Tony Snow mean?

Why does The Sun repeatedly print the misinformed, idiotic, rhetorical columns of Tony Snow ("The sky isn't falling, Mr. Gore," May 5). Has Mr. Snow done any environmental research or even read information on the environment? If the era of environmental awareness is looked on by his generation as sweetly idiotic, what will our children come to think of the era that disregarded all of the progress the environmental movement made in the 1970s and '80s and opted to choose economic expansion over the health of the planet.

The water hasn't been as pure since the horse-and-buggy days? We add 100,000 acres of wetlands annually? More virgin forests than a century ago? What planet is the goof ball referring to? If you must print his garbage, put it in the comics section where it belongs.

David Norton


Pub Date: 5/10/98

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