Ravens err with seatsI'm writing in reference...


Ravens err with seats

I'm writing in reference to the mishandling of permanent seat licenses with Ravens fans. The Ravens have made some errors in seating arrangements with season-ticket holders.

Since the Ravens came to Baltimore, I've had two seats side-by-side. This year, however, there was an error that caused the two seats to be separated. Now I am a proud PSL owner of two seats that are one row and three seats away from one another.

The Ravens say that there is nothing they can do about it because if they were to give me two seats somewhere else, it would create two single seats in the section that I would be vacating. The Ravens said that it would be difficult to sell those single seats. No kidding!

If I were to give those seats to a couple of friends, imagine their surprise to find that they would not be sitting together. The Ravens' solution was for me to get the people sitting next to those single seats committed to buy my seat license for each of the seats. (That's $3,000, or $1,500 per seat license). According to the club, once sold, I would receive replacement seats in some other section. My only other option was to not renew my season tickets this year and lose my PSLs along with all the money I paid to get them.

When the Ravens came here, I vowed to support them, win or lose. All I meant was, the Ravens vs. NFL opponents, not the Ravens vs. Baltimore fans. I never thought that I would go from loyal fan to loyal opposition.

Buddy Breen

Kent Island

Orioles dismal, too old

Either Peter Angelos should worry about the 1998 Orioles or get rid of also-ran general manager Pat Gillick and manager Ray Miller, or we fans can forget this already dismal baseball season.

Whose brilliant idea was it to let Randy Myers get away and entrust the bullpen to Armando Benitez and others?

Baltimore is quickly getting the reputation of having players on their last legs or who have outlived their usefulness. Why sign Ozzie Guillen when it is Jeff Reboulet who we use if a regular infielder is hurt or needs some time off. Norm Charlton should be history, and how much bribery did it take to continue with Terry Mathews?

The Orioles signed Jeffrey Hammonds to a three-year contract, yet manager Ray Miller lets him languish on the bench more than he plays. My regular outfield (until Brady Anderson is healthy) is B. J. Surhoff, Eric Davis and Hammonds.

Is this how you (Angelos, Joe Foss, et al.) explain raising our ticket prices by signing "name" ballplayers with no place or room to play them? What a sham!

Harry I. Kleiman


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Pub Date: 5/10/98

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