Whitbread update


Status: Day 6, Leg 8


Boat, Nautical miles to finish

1. Toshiba, 1,767.1

2. Merit Cup, 1,767.8

3. EF Language, 1,777.4

4. Innovation Kvaerner, 1,778.1

5. EF Education, 1,783.6

6. BrunelSunergy, 1,792.5

7. Swedish Match, 1,793.3

8. Silk Cut, 1,830.0

9. Chessie Racing, 1,840.6

(as of 00: 04: 37 GMT)

Boat beat: The American yacht Toshiba grabbed the lead from Merit Cup yesterday during the eighth leg of the race. Toshiba, seventh in the overall standings, was just 0.7 nautical miles ahead as the boats sailed through the Grand Banks of Newfoundland. EF Language was third, 10.3 nautical miles behind Toshiba. The boats are headed for La Rochelle, France, on the eighth leg of the competition. The final leg is between La Rochelle and Southampton. The yachts received an iceberg warning Friday. Ice was spotted at 45 degrees north, one degree south of the race committee's northern limit. The lead boats are heading into the cold water of the Labrador Current, that's bringing down ice, at 50W/48W.

Weather: A high pressure system pushing SE around 35N/43W, just SE of the fleet. Wind speed at 15-22 knots and should pick up to 20-25 knots.

Note: Information compiled from Whitbread Round the World Race Web site at www.whitbread.org

Pub Date: 5/10/98

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