Kidnap story not true, police say Woman tells officers 'she made it all up' for fear of boyfriend


A Baltimore woman whose claims to have been abducted triggered a police search with dogs and helicopters near Westminster on Monday has told city police that she fabricated the story, a department spokeswoman said yesterday.

"She admitted [Wednesday] night to detectives that she made it all up because she didn't want her boyfriend, whose car she had at the time, to know she was out with somebody else," said Agent Angelique Cook-Hayes.

City police said yesterday that they were conferring with the state's attorney's office to determine whether criminal charges of filing a false report should be filed against the 20-year-old woman.

Her story of being held for 36 hours in a vacant city house and then escaping after being forced to drive to Carroll County triggered a search along Route 140. State police reported seeing suspects fitting the woman's description of her abductor.

Capt. Greg Shipley of the Maryland State Police said 20 troopers spent 12 hours investigating the woman's story, at an estimated cost of $4,000.

"Certainly it is very frustrating for troopers and investigators who worked very hard and very fervently to find this supposed suspect," Shipley said. "She certainly received the full resources of the Maryland State Police."

The woman told state police that she was abducted by a gunman at the Pizza Time shop in the 2500 block of Washington Blvd. on the Baltimore County line about 7: 30 p.m. Saturday.

She said the man ordered her to drive to a building in the city, where she was bound and gagged and held for 36 hours. Early Monday, the woman said, the gunman ordered her to drive her car to a private gun range on South Gorsuch Road outside Westminster in Carroll County.

She said the man ordered her out of the car and tried to rape her before she drove away.

Woman re-interviewed

State police investigators interviewed her and launched a search for the abductor.

They then turned the investigation over to Baltimore police, who sent detectives from the robbery and sexual assault unit to her home Monday.

Those officers described the woman in a report as "incoherent" and unwilling to talk.

"The victim walked away and said she did not want to discuss the incident at this time," the report says.

Cook-Hayes said the officers returned to the woman's house Wednesday night, when she told them she had made the story up because she had taken her boyfriend's car and didn't want him to find out she had been with another man.

"She was partying all weekend," Cook-Hayes said. "She was with her other boyfriend."

No offense report

City police said they did not take an official offense report from the woman because she refused to cooperate. That might make it difficult for them to file false-report charges.

Shipley said state troopers did take an abduction report, but said any charges would be up to prosecutors.

Pub Date: 5/08/98

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