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Game show of life

Post-It notes came from the same company that invented :

A - staples

B - sandpaper

C - corn flakes

D - yellow legal pads

The 3M company started out making sandpaper which is stuff built up in fine layers. So is Scotch tape and also those sticky, little yellow notes.

I don't like to

Cough. What is a cough, anyway?

Danya Klages-Mundt

Winona, Minnesota

Sometimes muscles move on their own. That's called a spasm (SPAZ-em). A cough is a bunch of spasms. Muscles in your chest, neck and head are all going crazy trying to get rid of fluids that have collected in your lungs, throat and nose.

What is

The ozone layer made from?

Betsy Smith

St. Louis, Missouri

Is this a trick question? The ozone is made of ozone. Oxygen is usually 2 atoms of oxygen stuck together. We call it O2. Ozone is 3 atoms - O3. There's a lot of it in the Earth's upper atmosphere. It protects the planet by absorbing a kind of sunlight that can be dangerous.

Why is there

Yellow in the toilet. Why is urine yellow?

Jason Turner

Kent, Washington

Used blood cells are taken apart in your liver. Some of the parts are used again. Other parts are thrown away. Urochrome is a part that gets thrown out, and it's yellow. That's the yellow color you see.

Pub Date: 5/08/98

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