Long skirts can be sexy, too


I'm a businesswoman in my mid-30s. I'm successful and have good legs. I love minis and have vowed never to let a skirt hem touch my knee.

Now I see that long skirts are the big news for fall. I just want to know what designers are up to.

Do they really expect modern women to wear these long heavy skirts?

No designer expects women to change their hem lengths radically. Longer skirts are offered as an option -- an extra piece to play with.

And long looks are not big news. Long dresses have been around now for several seasons. In stretch knits they look as modern and sexy as any mini. You'll find long skirts for fall in many lengths and shapes. You might find a bias-cut mid-calf style the sexiest skirt you've ever owned.

I was lucky enough to attend one of your lectures, and I was fascinated to hear you say that there should be a "unity" in the style of a woman's wardrobe and the style of her home.

So when I redecorated my master bedroom in a pretty floral, I saved enough fabric for a long dress. I plan to have my seamstress make the dress for a bridge party at which I will show my new bedroom to my friends.

When I told my husband the plan, he rolled his eyes and said I'm nuts. Is this what you meant, or did I get you wrong?

A dress matching the curtains and bedspread could be somewhat overpowering. I was actually thinking in more general terms.

I meant that the colors, tone and mood of your home should reflect your personal style. For instance, if you have a softly styled wardrobe and a traditional living room that is predominantly blue and white, consider wearing an easy caftan in a bluish rose to complement the decor and you.

If your home and wardrobe are graphic and modern, think about wearing a white full-legged pants outfit with a clear crystal necklace for entertaining.

However, I'm all for fun in fashion. By all means go ahead and have your dress made for your bridge and bedroom party. Just don't expect to wear it often.

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Pub Date: 5/07/98

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