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Girls' mag gets real; 'Zine Scene

Girls' Life ($2.95 on newsstands) is the 'zine we've been waiting for. It's loaded with stories, fashion, advice and info for real girls. It doesn't talk down to its readers, but it also doesn't treat them like they're 13 going on 23 (for starters, the models don't look like they could be on "Baywatch"). It talks about boys but doesn't obsess. And it doesn't push tons of products on you. Yep, there is life beyond boys and shopping -- and GL gets it.

You can't teach an old dog new tricks, but you can teach yourself a thing or two about what type of dog may be the best pet for you, thanks to the Purina Pet Care Center. Just fetch www.purina.com/breed/ and meet dogs from around the world. Looking for a new pup? The Select-A-Breed test will help you choose a dog that can be your guard, walking companion or friend. Did you know that German shepherds are used in police work and during war? Or that a pug once saved the life of William, Prince of Orange? Is your pet dog a friendly chap or a bad boy? Take the Personality Test and find out! You'll be barking with the likes of Siberian huskies, Shetland sheepdogs and French bulldogs. Get ready to meet the Fido of your dreams.

'Shoot Out' scores; Rips & Raves

There seem to be a million sports games, and every year a "new and improved" version hits stores. NBA Shoot Out '98 by Sony Playstation ($45) is one game, however, that lives up to its hype with better graphics and easy game play. The animation is fluid. Players look better and their moves are more realistic. After a slam-dunk, you can even watch the play again from a different angle. And the players can perform around-the-back passes, hook shots and between-the-leg dribbles.

Pub Date: 5/07/98

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