Three suspects sought after elderly women are bilked Wilkens residents lost $25,000 in schemes


Two elderly women in the Wilkens area were bilked of more than $25,000 last month, and Baltimore County police are seeking a woman and two men in the thefts, officers said yesterday.

Police said an arrest warrant had been issued for Angela S. Richardson, 27, of the 4700 block of Wrenwood Ave.

Richardson was arrested March 10 and charged with grand theft in two cases and attempted theft in a third after three elderly people were tricked out of several thousand dollars this year. Police said she was released on bail in mid-April, police said.

"She's out on bail and we have not been able to find her," said Officer Steven Morano of Wilkens Precinct.

Morano is investigating the two most recent instances of elderly people being tricked out of their money. On April 20, Morano said, an elderly woman was approached by a younger woman near First Union Bank on U.S. 40 near Rolling Road.

The younger woman, who said she was with a mortgage company, seemed to have a lot of information about the elder one, Morano said. The younger woman said to the elder one, "I want to let you know, your son's house is going to be foreclosed on," according to Morano. The younger woman knew the son's name and had other details that led the elder woman to believe her.

Alarmed about her son's finances, the elder woman went to three banks and withdrew $20,500, Morano said. At the third bank, the younger woman fled after getting the money.

In the second case being investigated by Morano, another elderly woman was approached April 28 at a grocery store on Baltimore National Pike by two men. The men asked her to put up "good faith" money for a church and said they would return it, Morano said. The woman gave them $4,000 as a show of faith, and the men disappeared.

"We think there's a group traveling around doing this," Morano said. "They're very persistent, and they're good at confusing these people."

Pub Date: 5/06/98

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