Meet Larry Walker

Rightfielder Larry Walker of the Colorado Rockies grew up in Canada. His favorite sport as a kid was ice hockey. "Baseball is fun," says Larry, "but if I could, I'd go play goalie."

Instead, Larry became a pretty good baseball player! Lasseason, he was the National League MVP. He hit .366 and led the league in homers (49).

Larry is a fun-loving guy who doesn't take himself or baseball toseriously. He has a secret talent. "I can belch the alphabet," he says.

Here's a play that took place during a 1996 game between the Utah Jazz and the Cleveland Cavaliers:

Forward Adam Keefe of the Jazz soared to the basket for dunk. He slammed the ball through the rim. But while the ball was falling through the net, it hit the top of Adam's head. The ball bounced back up through the rim and out the top of the basket.

Guard Bobby Phills of the Cavaliers thought the Jazz hascored. He grabbed the ball and stepped out-of-bounds for the throw-in. Before Bobby could in-bound the ball, the referee blew his whistle. Why?

ANSWER: Adam's dunk did not count because the ball did not pass completely through the net. Bobby rebounded a missed shot and was called for a turnover when he stepped out-of-bounds.

Pub Date: 5/06/98

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