Office cat becomes Net star KittyCam: Bored? You can watch a cat that lives at a marketing firm.


She may be sprawled on the conference table or curled in an office chair staring into the camera. Perhaps you'll see her

gazing out the window or crouched on the carpet.

Her name is Kitty, and her camera is always on. You can find her at KittyCam.

Point your browser to and visit the 8-year-old black cat who lives in the conference room of a Santa Cruz, Calif., marketing firm.

She moves gracefully, but not very often. Chances are you'll catch her sitting still or sleeping on a chair or under the table.

The site started as a lark, said Tyler Stone, 31, the director of business development at JointSolutions Marketing.

"We had a digital camera in the office, and we wanted to see how easy it would be to set up," Stone said. "A half hour later, we had the camera on the Web showing pictures of our conference room."

That was it. Snapshots, so to speak, of 12 fully clothed adults sitting around a conference table having a meeting.

That's when Kitty came crawling.

She was the office pet, and she quickly warmed to the attention her 12 bosses paid when she preened for the camera.

In addition to 94,152 hits since January (representing 11,751 different visitors), Kitty gets five or 10 pieces of e-mail a week from people all over the world. Some pen pals pretend to be cats themselves; others are just fans who want to say how cute Kitty is.

Pub Date: 5/04/98

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