No league leaders herePeter Angelos has got...


No league leaders here

Peter Angelos has got to be on the verge of going ballistic with the ineptitude of our beloved Orioles.

But aside from the recent and protracted slide, the drop in the standings and the overall sorry team stats, there is yet another more remarkable revelation.

Your paper publishes a list daily known as "AL leaders." Not only do the Orioles not have a leader in any of the 11 categories, we have only one player mentioned -- Mike Mussina -- out of the 80-plus players listed. This is an incredible stat for one of the highest-paid teams in baseball.

Mr. Angelos, you're not getting your money's worth. This dog won't hunt.

Joseph Larson


Orioles not in the swing

How dumb can the Orioles' batting coaches be? Don't they watch how Brady Anderson finishes every swing? Nearly every swing ends with only one hand on the bat. This obviously puts a strain on his back muscles.

I tried it with a golf club and finished with only one hand on the club. It sure is a strain.

Charles Mack

Forest Hill

Check out college baseball

Tired of baseball's inflated ticket costs, unaffordable parking prices and pampered professionals? An alternative baseball venue does exist in the Baltimore metropolitan area. Division I college baseball is alive and well despite being nearly totally ignored by the local media.

It is fast-paced, full of offense, sprinkled with youthful enthusiasm and played by athletes who are students first. Seats are free, parking is plentiful.

See the kids who are followed throughout their high school careers along with new faces from outside of Maryland. Ask your local newspapers for schedules, results, and features on college baseball. Hey, when did college lacrosse become the national pastime?

Robert A. Dubansky


Moag response found lacking

Maryland Stadium Authority chairman John Moag's response in reference to John Steadman's column on the Ravens' permanent seat licenses is perhaps the most irresponsible letter that I have ever read. There are many red herrings and half-truths.

For instance, Moag points out that Baltimore's PSL costs are well below Charlotte's and Oakland's. Perhaps Moag was concerned that if he didn't cap PSL prices, Art Modell would try to charge even more. The fact that the PSLs are lower here misses Steadman's point. Steadman wrote that Baltimore's PSLs are unfair and motivated by "unparalleled greed."

Moag also claimed that the Ravens have sold more season tickets in Baltimore than Modell sold during his entire tenure in Cleveland and that the fans of Baltimore have warmly embraced the return of football. Have they?

Of the eight regular-season home games last year, only three were legitimate sellouts: Miami, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. In two of the games, the home opener and the last game at Memorial Stadium, remaining tickets were bought by corporations so that the games could be televised locally. The other three games were blacked out.

In short, Moag's letter sounds more like a sales pitch than a response to Steadman's column. And the fact remains that the Ravens still have more than 10,000 PSLs to sell and more than a few dissatisfied customers. More importantly, I just hope we have the right man for the Stadium Authority job.

Chip Kraus


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Pub Date: 5/03/98

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