O's ups and downs


Jimmy Key -- UP -- Responsible for three of the Orioles' last six wins. Has been the only thing standing between this team and total chaos.

Ozzie Guillen -- DOWN -- A $450,000 insurance policy for Roberto Alomar was deemed expendable after three starts, one single and a startling lack of defensive consistency. Hack on, Oz.

Jeff Reboulet -- UP -- Clubhouse Everyman will benefit from a less-cluttered infield situation. Didn't strike out in April. Then again, Reboulet received only 13 at-bats for the month.

Walking man -- UP -- Rafael Palmeiro was leading the league in walks entering the Twins series. He also enjoyed 14 RBIs in a 17-game stretch. More than a coincidence, perhaps.

Organization depth -- DOWN -- Only five weeks in and the Orioles sign retread arms Steve Ontiveros and Jim Converse to minor-league contracts. The two are a combined 63 years old, and neither has pitched in the majors since 1995. Where have you gone, Esteban Yan?

Rotation, rotation, rotation -- DOWN -- The starters suffered more losses this April than they did through last June 15. Staff ERA went from the league's best in the season's second week to fourth-worst by month's end.

Pub Date: 5/03/98

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