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T-shirt tattoosSo the 'rents are, like, really...


T-shirt tattoos

So the 'rents are, like, really driving you nuts? They won't let you have a tattoo? Who cares? Tattoos now can be found on clothes: They're cropping up on jeans, long skirts, T-shirts and sweat shirts - like this one from delia's catalog (800-delia-ny).

Go ahead. Make a statement. And keep your parents happy, too.ooooooooo

Who needs the commitment of a tattoo, anyway?

For Mom, perfume and powder

Are you wondering what to give Mom for Mother's Day?

You're not? Well, you should be.

Here's a sweet suggestion: Tiffany & Co. is offering a Floral Garden Gift Set, including perfume, dusting powder and body lotion, for $70. With each gift sold, Tiffany's will donate a portion of the sales price to the Girl Scouts Camp, a program that provides camp scholarships to underprivileged girls.

If you've suddenly remembered that you need to do some shopping, the number is 800-526-0649.

Calling all comfort fans

Think comfortable, yet elegant. Sounds perfect for warmer weather, doesn't it? The Wilmington Country Store, 7705 Bellona Ave. in Ruxton, is now offering clothing by Eileen Fisher that seems to fit that description. After all, she's the designer who aims to create "minimalist clothing in natural fabrics that convey a sense of ease and understated elegance."

What could be better than that?

For late spring and summer, Eileen Fisher presents skirts, vests and sweaters in sand-washed silks in raisin heather and white tones and a line of outfits in all-natural linen in khaki and forest greens.

Ringing in ringlets

Kate Winslet did it first in "Titanic."

Then Madonna.

Now Jennifer Aniston.

So it follows, of course, that soon we'll be doing it, too.

The three trend-setting celebrities all are wearing their long hair in soft ringlets that frame their faces. It's a beautiful look: nostalgic, romantic and feminine.

The only question is what to call it when you ask for it at the salon.

The Kate-Madonnifer? The Jennifer Winslet? Relax. The stylist probably will know what you mean.

Pub Date: 5/03/98

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