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25 years agoAlthough one board member expressed...


25 years ago

Although one board member expressed disappointment over the result of the smoking policy in county high schools, the county school board decided to extend the policy until a more thorough study can be made. Early in the school year, in an attempt to keep bathrooms tidy and to protect environmental conditions for nonsmokers who must share bathrooms with smokers, the school board granted permission for students to smoke in certain designated areas outside the school. The board's decision to extend the policy was based on a report of the effectiveness of the policy and the belief that perhaps the relatively new policy hasn't been given a chance to work. According to the report, students are continuing to smoke in bathrooms, but it was the belief of administrators that they were doing so because parents wouldn't give their permission for their child to smoke, a requisite if the student wishes to use smoking areas. -- the Carroll Record, April 26, 1973.

50 years ago

Federal Agent Charles H. Cushwa on Friday reported the discovery and destruction of a 6-gallon still near Covers Corner along the Frederick-Carroll county line and the arrest of two former Tennesseans. Agent Cushwa said the type of still was unique in this section and that 50 gallons of mash, which had been "setting" about two days, was also destroyed. -- Democratic Advocate, April 9, 1948.

75 years ago

Westminster High is getting off to a good start in the county high school baseball league. Last Friday, the first league game was played. Westminster played at Union Bridge and finished the game with the score 12-4 in our favor. Weigle, captain of the team, was the outstanding figure of the game. He made home runs the first two times to the bat. Rinheart made a three bagger, which he might have stretched into a home run had he taken a chance on an overthrow. -- Democratic Advocate, April 27, 1923.

100 years ago

Monday night, the students of Western Maryland College assembled on the girls terrace, in front of the main building, to celebrate Dewey's victory. After many patriotic demonstrations, the students marched downtown to the tune of "Yankee Doodle." President Lewis made a short speech, in which he said that he had opposed war, but now that it had come, he hailed with pride the signal victory that had crowned the American arms only eight days after the declaration of war. He trusted that in another eight days the whole object for which we fought might be accomplished and Cuba might be free. -- Democratic Advocate, May 7, 1898.

Pub Date: 5/03/98

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