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I like it when...

Soda pop bubbles. What are those bubbles? Are they in everything?

-Nisa Abdullah

Cleveland, Ohio

Those bubbles are the gas carbon dioxide. Soda pop makers dissolve it in their soda because people like it. Carbon dioxide is a part of the air. Maybe that can make it seem like those bubbles are everywhere.

What makes...

Nail polish smell so bad?

- Jessica Elliot

Snellville, Georgia

If it weren't for the smelly solvents, nail polish would really take forever to dry.

There are a lot of plastics and lacquers in nail polish. They make it strong. Chemicals that dissolve that stuff are light hydrocarbons like acetone - smelly liquids that evaporate very quickly.

What's all that...

Cracking sound as soon as you put ice into any drink?

-Rhiannon Ash

Mississaugua, Ontario

The liquids heat up the ice quickly. But the heating is not even. Different parts of the ice are different temperatures. Warmer parts expand and crack off the colder parts. That makes noise.

Game show of life

A violin has this many strings:

A: the number of ounces in a pound, divided by 4

B: a dozen divided by the square root of 9

C: the number of months in a year multiplied by the number of seconds in a minute, divided by the number of degrees in a half-circle

D: 4


Count the knobs. The answer to every one of the math problems is the same answer D. So all answers are correct.

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Pub Date: 5/01/98

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