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Hats off to Bella Abzug


The Orange County Register said in an editorial Friday:

WE won't miss her opinions, which we almost always disagreed with. But we will miss Bella Abzug the person, and her irrepressible spirit. And her hats.

Bella Abzug served in Congress from a Manhattan district from 1970 to 1976. She was wrongheaded, we would say, on many issues, given her belief that the antidote for all social ills lay in federal intervention. She was an early and unrelenting opponent of the Vietnam War, though even there she was often right for the wrong reasons. But she made her case with style and enlivened the American political scene. She once described Congress as "dominated by a male, white, middle-age, middle- and upper-class power elite that stands with their backs turned to the needs and demands of our people." Hard to argue that one.

Bella Abzug, whose flamboyant hats seemed to add exclamation points to her fiery rhetoric, twitted the establishment nicely. The system could use more like her.

Pub Date: 4/06/98

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