Problems of light rail were overemphasizedThe Feb....


Problems of light rail were overemphasized

The Feb. 15 article "The Antique Row bypass" accurately attributes the initial decline of An- tique Row to the closing of the major department stores on Howard Street. However, the negative effects of construction of the light rail line were overemphasized.

While there has been a migration away from some areas of Baltimore, the construction of the light rail line has been a positive force.

The Mass Transit Administration has worked in partnership with Baltimore and surrounding communities throughout the planning and construction to build light rail stops that are convenient to downtown.

Partnerships ensure that our services meet the needs of the community.

The MTA has worked closely with the Downtown Partnership, Hunt Valley Business Forum and BWI Business Partnership throughout construction of the light rail system.

Public transportation is a vital part of the state's transportation network and a substantial boon to economic development.

In fact, the central light rail line is the state's fastest growing mass transit, and has a 90 percent on-time record.

More than 22,000 daily passengers use the service, which has been operating successfully since it opened in 1992.

We know our continued success depends on the partnerships we develop with our customers and the business community.

We have demonstrated a commitment to strengthen this relationship.

Ronald L. Freeland


The writer is administrator of the Mass Transit Administration.

Columbia deer hunt hardly a success

With references to the Feb. 19 editorial "Bambi has a brain":

If the goal of Howard County parks officials was just to kill deer in Columbia, then claiming the recent controlled hunt was a success is understandable.

However, if, as they stated, their purpose was to reduce deer population, car-deer collisions, Lyme disease and shrub damage, the results are at best very limited and temporary.

Nature attempts to control population, so the deer kill will be followed by an unusually high birthrate.

The ill-conceived plan failed to include any of the following proven, cost-effective approaches that were presented by opponents of the hunt last fall, including deer contraception, roadside reflectors warning of wildlife and deer-deterrent information for homeowners.

Fortunately, no accidents involving residents near the hunt area occurred, but the so-called safety zone is not really safe. Weapons can be discharged accidentally, and bullets can travel farther than expected.

The hunter who killed nine deer in the Columbia hunt said, "It was fun."

Perhaps that was the real goal of the Columbia hunt -- to provide fun and recreation for hunters.

arvin Tenberg


Supreme Court ruling could reduce lawsuits

The U.S. Supreme Court's decision interpreting Title VII to cover same-sex harassment is important for broadening the sexual harassment law, but perhaps its greater impact will be in reducing lawsuits ("Same-sex harassment held illegal," March 5).

Companies are inundated with complaints of sexual harassment employees, male and female, who have misunderstood or misinterpreted the law to require employers to provide a sterile workplace.

The court does employers a great service by making clear that a rule of common sense must prevail. Title VII does not require that a workplace be a model of civility.

What must not be lost in the court's expansion of protection is the way this court does much to restrict sexual harassment cases and perhaps bring a much needed balance back into the workplace.

!Steven B. Schwartzman


Curran served his district well

Regardless of the resignation of former Del. Gerald J. Curran, VTC he served his constituents in the 43rd District faithfully and with distinction over the past 32 years.

As his many responsibilities permitted, he attended many community meetings, interpreting legislation and answering questions.

He also was easily accessible to residents of the 43rd, offering assistance and advice.

He will be sorely missed.

Abner Kaplan


Pub Date: 3/13/98

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