Glitter helps singer tune up for the holiday

Maria Rose has traveled around the world on a song, or two, or three. The country music chanteuse, her husband, and band Blue Horizon frequently tour military bases from Alaska to Europe. Rose, inspired by an appearance at a Special Olympics event, also penned a song, "You Are the Flame," that has taken her far and wide where she is invited to sing at the games' opening ceremony. She hopes that one day it will become the games' theme song. On New Year's Eve, Rose, who has recorded five albums, will appear at Baltimore's annual New Year's Eve Party, and you can bet she will be all aglitter to usher in 1998.

What will you wear on New Year's Eve?


I really like getting decked out for New Year's Eve. I especially love glitz in clothes and get a lot of use out of sequins and my fancy outfits. I will probably lay out four out of five outfits and choose one.

What kind of country flair do you bring to your performance wardrobe?


I like a lot of sequined jackets. I have a flag jacket that is totally sequined in red, white and blue. I'm not much into long ruffled skirts or Western shirts. I like being different.

Do you go thrift shopping?

I'm a bargain hunter. I hit a lot of second-hand shops when I'm traveling. In Gatlinburg, I found a really nice, long, sequined jacket that I can wear with pants or a skirt. It has long tails and it's blue and silver.

Do you have to worry about varying your wardrobe on military tours?

It's not too bad. With the military, they hop you around everywhere, one day, or two nights at the most, and then they hop you to the next base.

Where did you gain your sense of style?

I used to be a window trimmer, and I learned a lot. And when I was a kid, I never played with baby dolls, but I loved Barbie dolls, because of the clothes.

Do you sew?


Yes. When I first started singing, if I got an idea for an outfit, I would get some material and come home and whip it up in a day. I would make vests, usually in a brocade fabric, with a silver or gold design going through it.

What country singers do you emulate in terms of their dress?

Tanya Tucker, Lorrie Morgan. Tanya is more adventurous, she's into the tight stuff. I like that if it doesn't look tacky. Lorrie and Reba wear a lot of the glitzy stuff. It's classy. I like to look classy.

Is it better to overdress or underdress?

I'm probably one that overdresses. Whether that's better or not, I'm not sure.

Do you wear heels?


I wear three- or four-inch heels all the time. I can't go into the recording studio without my heels. I'm so used to singing in them that I have to record in them.

To reach the microphone?

Either that or to reach the high notes.

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Pub Date: 12/25/97