Carpet store owner's bail is revoked Prosecutors say he wrote two bad checks while in Florida; Set to return to Carroll; Waives extradition, awaits Jan. 26 trial on 39 counts of theft


A Carroll County judge revoked yesterday the bail of Roy D. Marshall, a Westminster man who prosecutors say recently wrote two bad checks in Florida, though he was supposed to have been living with family members in Ohio while awaiting trial here on 39 theft counts.

Circuit Judge Raymond E. Beck Sr. signed the order after prosecutor David P. Daggett filed a motion to revoke $75,000 bail on Marshall, 33, of Willow Avenue and the owner of Marshall's Carpet & Services in Reese.

He waived extradition as a condition of bail and soon will be returned to Carroll County to await trial, which is scheduled Jan. 26.

Marshall is accused of accepting down payments for carpet or other services and not providing them. Daggett said Marshall originally was arrested July 18 on a Carroll County grand jury indictment, alleging 13 theft counts. He was freed July 21 on $10,000 bail.

In September, two dozen charges were added to the original indictment, primarily theft and bad-check counts stemming from incidents between March 5 and July 21 that involved about two dozen customers and approximately $24,000.

A bench warrant for Marshall's arrest was ordered Sept. 8, after he failed to appear in court on the initial 13 theft counts.

Court records show Marshall was freed Sept. 29 on $75,000 bail after being arrested Sept. 23.

Two buildings that he leased in the 1800 block of Baltimore Blvd. in Reese were destroyed by arson Sept. 21. No one has been charged in that incident.

Daggett said Marshall was arrested in Florida on a second

Carroll County grand jury indictment alleging theft of airline tickets by credit card.

The prosecutor said Marshall bought airline tickets to Orlando on July 21 -- the day he was released on bail -- allegedly using two clients' credit cards to charge the fares for himself, his Bel Air girlfriend, her son and another person.

Court records show that two checks cleared through a Jacksonville, Fla., bank were returned by Farmers & Merchants Bank of Upperco. Both were written on Marshall Enterprises Inc. business checks.

One, dated Nov. 21, was written to Home Depot for $674 with the notation, "for office supplies"; the other, dated Nov. 15, was -- written to Roberts Apl. Store for $1,062 with the notation, "for Showroom."

Both were signed in illegible script, according to court documents. One had a first initial "B" and the other had a first initial "D."

The surname on each clearly begins with the letter "M," but was otherwise indecipherable.

Court records show that Marshall also faces theft charges in Baltimore County. He allegedly used a spare set of keys on Oct. 20 to remove his 1994 Ford Explorer from the lot of Bob Davidson Ford on East Joppa Road in Carney, after the vehicle had been repaired for $911.

L The car dealer alleges Marshall did not pay for the repairs.

A car that Marshall had leased from Reliable Rent-A-Car on East Joppa Road while his vehicle was being serviced at Bob Davidson Ford was found on the car dealer's lot, according to court papers.

In a Dec. 3 letter to Bill Amoss, of Bob Davidson Ford, Roman Caperna, president of Reliable, said that Marshall showed his driver's license at the time of rental, but was "reluctant to give his Social Security number due to his position as a U.S. marshal." He does not hold that position.

Pub Date: 12/24/97

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