Strange bedfellowsAH, THE FICKLE friendship between Anne...


Strange bedfellows

AH, THE FICKLE friendship between Anne Arundel County's Republican giants: state Sen. Robert Neall and County Executive John Gary.

The buddies had decided to meet in Gary's fourth-floor office in the Arundel Center so they could stroll to the opening ceremony for the county's $62.5 million courthouse on Franklin Street in Annapolis recently.

Neall started planning the complex when he was county executive from 1990 to 1994. He handed off the project to his successor, Gary, who finished the building in September.

"I left this man with three big problems," Neall told a reporter as he walked out of Gary's office en route to the ceremony. "This project, the landfill and the jail."

He noted that Gary had completed all three.

Gary did not exactly return the complimentary tone when he climbed to the podium at the new courthouse. He couldn't resist ribbing his predecessor, who is said to have decided against a second term as executive because he wanted to make some money.

He gave Neall a citation, thanking "Robert Neall, aka 'Money Bags Bobby.' We extend to you our appreciation for this very worthy project." A GLEN BURNIE WOMAN reported her wallet stolen from her purse while at work at a Severn day care center. Not to worry.

According to a police report we read Thursday: "The wallet only contained $180 in cash and a winning lottery ticket."

TaNoah Morgan

Right on target

AT THE CRACK OF DAWN Friday at an archery range in Crownsville, a first-time hunter and bow-and-arrow user took up the bow from amateur instructors after a five-minute lesson.

The group was eager to hit the woods in search of deer but first the rookie needed to run through some basices. She pulled back the arrow and aimed at the target.

Then she hit the release and watched as the arrow flew a good 20 feet over the target, soaring through the trees, never to be seen again.

To be expected, the instructors told her. It will take some time and practice. "We'll just sit over here at the picnic table and watch."

She pulled the arrow back again, stared at the target and let fly.


The instructors stood back up. "Well, all right then," one of them said. "Let's go hunting."

Laura Sullivan

Good deed, indeed

NEVER QUITE RECOVERED from the '60s, a Glen Burnie apartment dweller in full earth mother mode went out early Friday with gloves and a giant plastic bag to pick up some of the litter that threatens to overwhelm the wooded corner of Margate Drive and Furnace Avenue.

Drivers seem to fling out whatever cup, bottle, can or bag of french fries they're holding as they near that corner and it's become a blight on the neighborhood.

Within minutes the bag was bulging with beer cans, fast food detritus and plastic wrap, liquor and more beer bottles and the aging ex-hippie could not lift it to carry it down the block to a Dumpster at Gatewater Landing Apartments.

So she dragged it.

Some sharp piece of litter tore through in the dragging though, and as she was stuffing the bag into the Dumpster, a couple of bottles fell out.

A woman from the apartment complex out walking sniffed in seeming disapproval: "Ahem, you seem to have dropped your beer bottle or whatever."

Pub Date: 12/21/97

Rosemary Armao

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