A girl's best friend?Victoria's Secret promoters must...


A girl's best friend?

Victoria's Secret promoters must be going for the Guinness record for the most expensive silly gift of the season. They're offering a $3 million Miracle Bra with diamond trim and a 42-carat pear-shaped solitaire suspended center cleavage. The stones are from the prestigious house of Harry Winston. Important diamonds often come with a curse, and we sympathize with the woman whose man would feel the need to purchase such a gift.

However, $20,000 for two tickets to attend the unveiling of Victoria Secret's next collection (and the preview party) makes sense, and all the money goes to the Pediatric Aids Foundation.

Brushing up on hair-raising moments

It's the moment of important hair, at least that's what the cosmetics mavens tell us. Throughout history, hair styles have signaled social and political allegiances. When circumstances or status change, hair can easily be altered to reflect a new persona.

Roman women stacked their hair high with a hollow front to store perfume or poison; French aristocrats stopped powdering theirs to blend in with the revolutionary commoners. Flappers bobbed their crowning glory to declare their liberated spirit; punks spiked theirs just to bug the establishment.

The folks at Body Shop are touting their new line of Head Lights hair mascaras as a quick way to transform a workaday woman into the life of the party. Shimmery tints of gold, blue, plum and copper come with a large brush applicator for easy highlighting. The tints don't stain and can be shampooed out.

On a higher note of creativity is the purple wig collection commissioned by Absolut Kurant vodka. The styles were built by Danilo, the self-styled emperor of big hair, to pay homage to the current lounge club style and the predilection for outlandish coifs.

The wigs will go on tour to support a variety of causes underwritten by Absolut. We hope they come to Baltimore, the city of over-the-top hair. As good as Danilo is, he has some competition from the sisters who build those towering cascades we see all over town.

Couture comics

If they could bottle whatever makes Isaac Mizrahi tick, they could turn the stuffed-shirts around. The top designer, star of "Unzipped," movie trivia master and celebrity "Jeopardy!" winner has written three comic books about "The Adventures of Sandee the Supermodel or Yvesaac's Model Diaries."

The story takes innocent Sandee from graduation at a beauty academy in Bountiful, Utah, through the clutches of manipulative New York modeling agencies, perverse stylists and vindictive models all the way to an Oscar for her star turn in "False Eyelashes."

There are thinly disguised fashion movers throughout as well as fabu paper dolls of Sandee and Yvesaac. This package is not for kids, but your favorite fashionista. The three-issue collectors set goes for $29.95. You may have to shop around because the folks at Bibelot say they sell out like Prada platforms.

Pub Date: 12/14/97

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