Reader praises Bartlett stand on porn billMany...


Reader praises Bartlett stand on porn bill

Many years ago, I went to a drug store that had sexually explicit magazines displayed on a low rack, where it directly faced my small children at the check-out counter.

At the same time, the postcard rack was on the wall at adult height. I suggested to the store manager that he reverse the placement of the two racks. He was receptive to the suggestion and thanked me.

Over the 30-some years since then, we have become too tolerant of such blatant sexual material being shoved in our children's faces. Some of those children are now young, impressionable adults, and some of those young adults are in the military.

It pleases me greatly to know that our representative from the 6th Congressional District, Roscoe G. Bartlett, is a leading promoter of the law to ban sexually explicit materials for sale or rent at military base exchanges (stores).

Our young men and women in the military are learning discipline and honor while performing a valuable service to their country. They certainly don't need salacious material shoved in their faces daily.

As you wrote, a group of publishers will challenge the law to the Supreme Court.

I urge everyone to add our voices to Dr. Bartlett's. Let's back the law banning the degrading material that would deter the military from instilling the very highest standards of behavior.

Geraldine Molesworth Zarbo

North Laurel The Sun article of Nov. 14 on Carroll County Sheriff John H. Brown revealed his proposal to end the overcrowding and suicide problems at the Carroll County Detention Center. Sheriff Brown proposed that minimum-security prisoners be placed in tents between Center Street and Court Street North in Westminster.

Sheriff Brown's proposal is preposterous. The placing of prisoners outside the locked facility is jeopardizing citizens who work and live on those streets.

Not only would the citizens be in danger, so would the prisoners themselves. Inclement weather would pose a serious health problem. Placing heaters inside the tents is a hazard.

Most importantly, problems could arise with the "posse" trying to control the crowd, or trying to distinguish between threatening actions of prisoners.

Saving a few bucks is not worth the possible destruction of human life. More citizens of Carroll County should approach Sheriff Brown and let him know that we do not want our lives in jeopardy.

Michael Eastwood


Pub Date: 12/14/97

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