1997-98 Baltimore City/County wrestling preview

Baltimore County public schools

Carver A&T;


1996-97 record: 4-9

Coach: Pete Skeels


Top wrestlers: Travis Wyczawski, 130-135, Sr.; Joe Ruth, 160-171, Sr., Rob Draper, 140, Sr.; Clarence Gilmer, 189, Sr.

Outlook: Skeels has 16 wrestlers, but most are freshmen. He'll be forfeiting some weight classes every match, so individual achievement is the goal while building.

Catonsville Comets

1996-97 record: 7-5

Coach: Doug Campbell

Top wrestlers: Solomon Jovenal, 171, Sr.; Wayne Wilson, 102, Jr.; Leonard Jovenal, 145-152, Jr.; Won Hill, 125-130, So.

Outlook: Campbell has only three returning starters, but with 37 wrestlers, he has plenty to work with.

Chesapeake Bayhawks


1996-97 record: 2-9

Coach: Todd Abramovitz

Top wrestlers: Frank Messick, 125, Sr.; Mike Hitt, 119, Sr.; Josh Swieczkowski, 135, Jr.; Jason Rawlings, 189,Jr.; Will Hovel, 171, So.; Brian Harrison, 103, So.; Danny Hauser, 112, So.

Outlook: The Bayhawks won't fill all the weight classes, but they don't lack individual talent. Hovel is a former junior league state champ. Hauser also brings some talent from rec leagues.

Dulaney Lions

1996-97 record: 11-3


Coach: Pete Chakmakas

Top wrestlers: Tom McGinley, 119, Sr.; Mike Hwang, 125, Sr.; Phil Brammucci, 130, Sr.; Amir Hassani, 145, Sr.; Matt Bulloch, 135, Sr.; Peter Rinehart, 152, Sr.; Patrick Ross, 112, Jr.; Kevin Koors, 189, Jr.; Adam Fields, Jr.; Kieron McNelis, 171, Jr.; Mike Winters, 112, So.; Rob Leonard, 160, So.

Outlook: Coming off last year's county tournament runner-up season, the Lions will try to improve behind Bulloch (25-7 last season, second in the county, first region), Hassani (third county), McGinley (fourth region), Brammucci (fourth county) and Hwang (fourth county). The lineup should be bolstered by JV champs Leonard, Koors, Ross and Winters, along with JV runners-up McNelis and Fields.

Dundalk Owls

1996-97 record: 10-4

Coach: Rob Hutsler


Top wrestlers: Rich Reesey, 119-125, Sr.; E.J. Stapleton, 189, Sr.

Outlook: The Owls have 25 wrestlers. Two-time county champ Reesey, a region and state runner-up last year, returns, as does Stapleton (fourth in the county).

Eastern Tech Mavericks

1996-97 record: 13-1

Coach: Joe Gast

Top wrestlers: Demitrios Gourgoulianis, 119, Sr.; Hector Santana, 160, Sr.; Mike Holter; 130, Sr.; Wes Woodard, 140, Jr.; Billy Daisey, 125, Sr.; Justin Birchfield, 125, So.; Dave Wooden, 152, So.


Outlook: The county champs return Gourgoulianis (first county, first region, third state), Santana (first county, second region), and Woodard and Birchfield, both fourth in the county.

Franklin Indians

1996-97 record: 10-4

Coach: Scott Delpo

Top wrestlers: Eric Goldschmidt, 130-135, Sr.; John Schuster, 152-160, Jr.; Eddie Geordt, Hwt., Sr.; Stan Wagner, 103, So.; Ryan Ridgley, 125, So.

Outlook: All but one starter from last season returns. "We're balanced, and we have a lot of decent kids up from the rec leagues," Delpo said.


Hereford Bulls

1996-97 record: 9-5

Coach: John Billingslea

Top wrestlers: Pat Curtis, 140, Sr.; Jeff Epps, 103, So.; Rob Almony, 135, Sr.; Dan Comer, 152, Sr.; Jason Murphy, Hwt., Sr. Todd Leitzel, 119, Fr.

Outlook: Curtis (31-7 last year) was third in the county and the region and fifth at states. Murphy was 8-3 last winter. Almony was fourth in the region, and Comer and Nassau, both fifth at regions. Forty wrestlers turned out.

Kenwood Bluebirds


1996-97 record: 7-9

Coach: Len Patrick

Top wrestlers: Matt Myrick, 160, Sr.; Bryant Mallory, 189, Sr.; Erik Thompson, Hwt., Sr.; Ryan Shultz, 130, Jr.; Shawn Halpin, 119, Sr.; Dave O'Connor, 140, So.; Pat Leap, 103, Fr.

Outlook: Kenwood has a decent number of wrestlers with 25, and maybe county's best upper-weight trio with Myrick (second county, first region), Mallory (second county, third region) and Thompson.

Lansdowne Vikings

1996-97 record: 0-12


Coach: Ken Michalak

Top wrestlers: Ed Amoroso, Hwt., Jr.; Phil Schaefer, 160, Jr.; Eric Shae, 140, So.

Outlook: The Vikings have a full varsity lineup and should improve with some wins this season.

Loch Raven Raiders

1996-97 record: 5-9

Coach: Keith Norris


Top wrestlers: Shawn Brown, 152, Sr.; Greg Seaby, 145, Sr.; Bernie Kim, 125, Sr.; Greg Walker, Hwt., Jr.; Chris Kuliogowski, 189, Jr.; Jason Deyo, 160, Jr.; Adam Carroll, 140, Jr.; Adain Smith, 135, Jr.; Richard Tatersal, 103, Fr.; Mike Logan, 130, Fr.

Outlook: The Raiders "look pretty solid," said Norris. "We're hoping to turn some heads."

Milford Mill Millers

1996-97 record: 3-10

Coach: Brian Layman

Top wrestlers: Jumoke Ajanku, 160, Sr.; Daniel Miller, 160-171, Sr.; Issac Gainer, 119-125, So.; Reggie Johnson, 112, So.; Gregory Shipley, 125-130, So.; Romel Thompson, 145-152, So.


Outlook: A piece of the state's winning wrestling tradition comes to Baltimore County in Layman, who was on four of Old Mill's state-record six state championship teams. The former two-time All-Metro, state runner-up and one-time state champ placed third in last year's Atlantic Coast Conference tournament as a 190-pounder at Maryland. He's serious about establishing a similar tradition at Milford. "He's taking on a huge challenge," said Ron Belinko, county coordinator of athletics.

Overlea Falcons

1996-97 record: 9-5

Coach: Bruce Maliowski

Top wrestlers: Terry Lawson, 171, Sr.; Richard Oh, 140, Sr.; Joe Smith, 189, Sr.; Derrick Oxendine, 145, Jr.; Albert Clark, 103, So.; Jason Lauvack, 112, Fr.; James Lauvack, 130, Fr.

Outlook: Lawson was a county and region champ and a state runner-up. Oxendine was second in both the county and region and fifth at states. They are among seven returning starters.


Owings Mills Eagles

1996-97 record: 15-2

Coach: Guy Pritzker

Top wrestlers: Alex Gitomer, 152, Sr.; Justin Rafael, 171, Sr.; Billy Miller, 112, Jr.; Drew Bowers, 140, Jr.; Ryan Pritzker, 130, Jr.; Mike Schlein, 119, Jr.; Harris Caplan, 125, Jr.

Outlook: The post-Steve Kessler era begins for last year's runner-up in both the dual-meet and open state tournaments. Bowers was county and region champ and was fourth in the states for the second straight year. Miller, who missed last season, was a county and region runner-up and a fourth-place state finisher as a freshman. Schlein was third in the region.

Parkville Knights


1996-97 record: 8-4

Coach: Joe Passalacqua

Top wrestlers: David Heath, 125-130, Sr.; Tim Myers, 135, Sr.; Brandon Pollock, Hwt., Sr.; Fred Jogereit, 119, Jr.; Gary Burkhardt, 145-152, Jr.

Outlook: Ineligibility hurt but the Knights still have Heath (second county, third region) among 21 wrestlers. "I'd just like to see some of the kids improve individually," Passalacqua said.

Patapsco Patriots

1996-97 record: 7-6-1


Coach: Dave Ingle

Top wrestlers: Bill Hook, Hwt., Jr.; Joe Bena, 160, Jr.; John Jacobs, 189, Jr.; Will Richter, 152, So.

Outlook: Hook was third in the region, Bena was fifth, and both Jacobs and Richter were JV county champs.

Perry Hall Gators

1996-97 record: 6-6

Coach: Bob Kucharski


Top wrestlers: Shahab Nassirpour, 119, Sr.; Matt Kucharski, 135-140, Sr.; Justin Zeleny, 145, Sr.; Brian Hanschlager, 189, Sr., Nick Fleisher, 135-140, Jr.

Outlook: Kucharski has 30 wrestlers, but a lot of talent is in the middle weights. "We have a couple of holes, so .500 is a reasonable objective," Kucharski said.

Pikesville Panthers

1996-97 record: 7-5

Coach: Joel Webber

Top wrestlers: Steve Golob, 171-189, Sr.; Jonathan Webber, 152-160, Sr.; Keith Attman, 145, Sr.; Nathan Rosenberg, 130-135, Sr., Jerry Zayets, 135-140, Jr.; Kevin Nash, 112, So.


Outlook: Golob and Rosenberg each were fourth in the county. Golob was first in the region, Jonathan Webber was second and Rosenberg third in the region.

Randallstown Rams

1996-97 record: no team.

Coaches: Todd Keefer, Solomon Carr

Top wrestlers: Damon Beall, 130, So.; Daniel Smith, 145, So.; Ryan Chatman, 152, So.; Josh Corcoran, 135, Fr.; Nathan Cooley, 189, Fr.; Mike Cornish, 119, Fr.; Angelo Randolph, 171, Fr.; David Macur, 125, Fr.

Outlook: No seniors, no juniors. "They're all new, but they're all learning," said Keefer, a former Westminster star.


Sparrows Point Pointers

1996-97 record: 7-3

Coach: Bill Webber

Top wrestlers: Billy Webber, 119, Sr.; Jason Plienis, Hwt., Sr.; Steve Loverde, 125, Jr.; Gary Medvidovich, 119-130, Jr.

Outlook: With 25 wrestlers, Webber said he's "pretty close to filling the weight classes with the best turnout of several years."

Towson Generals


1996-97 record: 10-6

Coach: Glenn Hyman

Top wrestlers: Max Agee, 125, Sr.; Steve Toth, 152, Sr.; Darren Mason, 160, Sr.; John Narlis, 103, Jr.; Andy Norris, 119, Jr.

Outlook: Among nine returning starters is Narlis (second county, first region), Mason (second region) and Agee (third region) on a Generals squad that can battle with the county's best.

Western Tech Wolverines

1996-97 record: 3-8


Coach: Ted Steele

Top wrestlers: Andrew Riley, Hwt., Sr.; Chris Rouzer, 130, Jr.

Outlook: Riley was fourth in both the county and region, and Rouzer, third in the region among Western's 22 wrestlers. "We're hoping to do better than last year," Steele said.

Woodlawn Warriors

1996-97 record: 5-11

Coach: Greg Holmes


Top wrestlers: Derrick Newkirk, Hwt., Sr.; Nicholas Sweet, 189, Sr.; Larry Somerville, 152, Jr.

Outlook: With just 11 wrestlers, Holmes said he's looking to "start a foundation for the program's future."

Private schools

Boys' Latin Lakers

1996-97 record: 7-3

Coach: Jim Currie


Top wrestlers: Jason Leneau, 160-171, Sr.; Rob Arnold, 135, Jr.; Matt Hartman, 145-152, Jr.; Clayton Bainbridge, 152-162, Jr.; Brandon Carver, Hwt., Jr.; Mitch Owens, 140, Jr.; Flip McKenzie, 130, Jr.; Dan Berger, 135-140, So.; Dan Lamonica, 145, So.

Outlook: All-Metro Leneau (28-5, first in the Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association tournament), leads a talented corps, including Friskey (22-10, second MIAAs), Arnold (22-7, second) and Carver (24 wins, third). Leneau was a state runner-up, and Arnold was third. "We're missing some key kids due to injuries, but hopefully, they'll mend soon," said Currie.

Calvert Hall Cardinals

1996-97 record: 22-7

Coach: Henry Franklin

Top wrestlers: Rob Johns, 135, Sr.; Chris Hanlon, 119, Sr.; Pat Hunt, 140, Sr..; Mike Light, 152, Sr.; Leonard Monfredo, 160, Sr.; Sean Kelly, 171, Sr.; Mike Spero, 189, Sr.; Chris Knox, 103, Jr.; Tony Russo, 130, Jr.; Luke Maciolek, 125, Jr.; Sean Ireland, 145, Jr.; Kevin King, 112, Fr.


Outlook: The Cardinals, who beat Mount St. Joseph for the first time in school history last week, are loaded. They return state runner-ups Hanlon, Russo, Johns and Light, Monfredo (fifth states) and Ireland (sixth state). Hanlon, Russo and Johns won MIAA titles, Light was MIAA runner-up, and Monfredo, third. Ireland and Kelly each won nearly 30 bouts last season, and Knox, a Dulaney transfer, was Baltimore County champ and a region runner-up (finishing at 27-6).

Loyola Dons

1996-97 record: 9-7

Coach: Dennis Frazier

Top wrestlers: Pat Brannan, 189, Sr.; Greg Miller, 145, Sr.; Nick Barrett, 152, Sr.; C.J. Waldron, Hwt., Sr.; Chris Ackerman, 130, Jr.; Bill Rovito, 140, Jr.; Tom Melanson, 171-189, Jr.; Tony DeLauney, 160-171, Jr.; Mike Waldron, 125, Fr.; Danny Natterman, 103, Fr.

Outlook: Another solid MIAA team. Brannan is coming off a third-place finish at MIAAs and an All-Metro football season. Melanson, Barrett and C.J. Waldron, also football players, hope to carry over that momentum. Mike Walbron lost one bout as an eighth-grader, and Natterman is a former junior-league state champ.


McDonogh Eagles

1996-97 record: 12-4

Coach: Pete Welsch

Top wrestlers: Will Filbert, 112, Sr.; Pat Jacobs, 125-130, Sr.; Matt Burns, 130-135, Sr.; Cornell Williams, Hwt., Sr.; Joe Rosenbaum, 171, Jr.; Jameel Day, 189-Hwt., Jr.; Andy Seal, 152-160, Jr.; Tony Esposito, 171-189, Jr.; Kevin Sanders, Jr., 135-140, Mike Hollman, 135-140, So.

Outlook: With 10 returning starters among its 30 wrestlers, the Eagles are in the MIAA chase. National Prep champ Filbert (38-0) is a two-time All-Metro, MIAA and state champ. Seal (third MIAAs, fifth states) and Burns (fourth MIAAs) had the next-best seasons.

St. Paul's Crusaders


1996-97 record: 11-8

Coach: Desi McNelis

Top wrestlers: Keith Helman, 145, Sr.; Ryan Henning, 119, Sr.; Nick Alevrogiannis, Hwt., Jr.; Denny Henderson, 145, Sr.; Rob Loose, 125, So.; Lee Renno, 160, So.

Outlook: With eight returning starters, McNelis builds his hopes around Alevrogiannis (second MIAAs), Helman (fourth MIAAs) and Henderson. Alevrogiannis won the season-opening Catholic Invitational at Archbishop Curley, and Henderson was third.

Baltimore City public schools

City Knights


1996-97 record: 7-3

Coach: Bernie Leneau

Top wrestlers: Mark King, 125-130, Sr.; James Thaxton, 171, Sr.; Desmond Foster, 189, Sr.; Donyea Bethea, 130-135, Sr.; Davon Fowler, 145, Sr.; Chris Erickson, Hwt., Jr.

Outlook: With Fowler and Foster, both of whom were city runners-up, and fourth-place finishers Bethea, King and Thaxton, Leneau feels his Knights could challenge the city's top teams. Erickson (6-5, 240) shows promise. Leneau has 22 wrestlers.

Douglass Ducks

1996-97 record: 2-4


Coach: Wayne Smith

Top wrestlers: Tavon Coates, 152, Sr.; Joseph Purvey, 145, Jr.; Milton Henry, 160, Jr., Horton McKenzie, 145, Jr.; Phillip Thompson, 112, So.

Outlook: Purvey (fourth in the city last winter) and Henry appear to have the most experience. "With five guys coming back and four guys who have never wrestled, it's tough to say" how the Ducks will do, said Smith.

Dunbar Poets

1996-97 record: 6-3

Coach: Mike Hendricks


Top wrestlers: Dennis Perry, 140, Sr.; Reginal Morton, 135, Sr.; Omar Robinson, 189, Sr.; Ricardo Anderson, 160, Sr.; Jihad Haywood, 125, Jr.

Outlook: Perry twice has won city crowns and twice has been region runner-up. Haywood, Morton and Manderson all placed third in the city tournament. "We have some guys who have come miles in a short amount of time," said Hendricks.

Edmondson Redskins

1996-97 record: 4-6

Coach: Eric Woodson

Top wrestlers: Jarral Robinson, 135-140, Sr.; Antonio Demory, 135-145, Sr.; Melvin Hope, 125, Sr.; Dartanya Friday, 171-189; Sr.; David Williams, 135-140, Sr.


Outlook: First-year coach Woodson, who has 20 wrestlers, said, "It should be an exciting year." Demory was third in the city tournament.

Forest Park Foresters

1996-97 record: None

Coach: Raymond Smith

Top wrestlers: Mike Jackson, 140, Jr.; Donte Ferrell, 140; Jr.; Chris Cummings, 152, So.; Anton Carr, 130, So.; Yero Umoja, 152, So.

Outlook: A 1991 Forest Park graduate and former wrestler, Smith has 12 wrestlers after having watched the program be dropped for two straight seasons. "We've got a young team, but they're fighters," Smith said.


Lake Clifton Lakers

1996-97 record: 1-8

Coach: Larry Brown

Top wrestlers: Corey Dawson, 119, Sr.; James Johnson, 140, Jr.; Maurice Marshall, 130, So.; Brandon Vice, 103-112, So.; Aaron Lewis, 119, Fr.

Outlook: Vice, who was third in last season's city tournament, appears to be the Lakers' top returning prospect, but Brown has plenty to be happy about. "We have 29 kids and quite a few junior-leaguers," Brown said. "We'll surprise some people."

Mervo Mustangs


1996-97 record: 6-3

Coach: Dwight Warren

Top wrestlers: Rashaan Torian, 189, Sr.; Juan McNair, 119-125, Sr.

Outlook: Warren calls city champ and region runner-up Torian and McNair, who was second in the city meet, his best wrestlers, but having been around the mats a number of years, the veteran coach is known for his sleeper squads. He could be hiding something.

Northern Vikings

1996-97 record: 6-4


Coach: Kevin Brown

Top wrestlers: Corey Rideout, 125-130, Sr.; Victor Ghee, 130, Sr.; Obin Robinson, 112, Jr.; Tyreece Cannon, 171, Sr.; Robert Williams, 125, Jr.; Reginald Brown, 171, So.

Outlook: Brown, a former Maryland Scholastic Association champ and three-time city champ, has injected enthusiasm into a program that has 22 wrestlers. Brown (6-0, 240) placed first, second (twice) and third in the ACC's at Maryland at 190 pounds. He likes the team's attitude. Rideout, a transfer from Southwestern, and Ghee both were city champs. Rideout and Robinson (16-3) each were third in the region.

Patterson Clippers

1996-97 record: 14-1

Coach: Troy Stevenson


Top wrestlers: Thorn Brown, 103, Sr.; David Patterson, 119-125, Sr.; Ed Kempa, 140, Sr., Leonard Bridgeforth, 171, Sr.; Terrell McLaurin, Hwt., Sr.; Jimmy Walker, 135-140; Jr.; Antonio Patterson, 112, So., Richard Johnson, 145-152, So.

Outlook: With seven starters back, including two-time city champ Bridgeforth, from a team that scored 241 points to win last year's city meet, plus Walbrook transfer Brown (city champ, fourth at regions), the Clippers are again Baltimore's team to beat. Bridgeforth (fourth at states), Johnson (second city, third region), Kempa (second city), Walker (second city) and the Patterson brothers all return for Stevenson, 25, who has beefed up the schedule to include local powers Westminster, Owings Mills and Gilman.

Poly Engineers

1996-97 record: 5-5

Coach: Kirk Stehman

Top wrestlers: Dale Martin, 189, Sr.; Jamal Long, 160, Sr.; Lonnie Williams, 145-152, Jr.; Chonan Bell, 130, Jr.; Dennis Scott, Hwt., Jr. Angelo Pirali, 103, So.


Outlook: A former two-time Pennsylvania state champ and three-year letterman at North Carolina State, Stehman once was third in the ACC's at 150 pounds. His background will come in handy with 32 wrestlers in the room. Pirali, Martin and Scott all finished fourth in last year's city tournament.

Southwestern Sabers

1996-97 record: 7-2

Coach: Fred Bullock

Top wrestlers: Dominic West, 171-189, Sr.; Jason Smith, 125-135, Sr.; Purcell Phillips, 103-112, Jr.; James Barnett, 145, Sr.

Outlook: Southwestern, as always, will be in the thick of things with West, who was third in both the city and the region, Barnett, who was third in the city, and Smith, who was fourth in the city.


Walbrook Warriors

1996-97 record: 6-6

Coach: Wavie Gibson

Top wrestlers: Darryl Duppins, 125, So.; Levar Bruce, 171-189, Sr.

Outlook: Gibson, a former state champ at Mardela High, has Duppins (third city) as his most promising wrestler. "We have some kids who are working hard," said Gibson.

Private schools


Archbishop Curley Friars

1996-97 record: 10-1

Coach: Alan Gebhart

Top wrestlers: Mike Frey, 125, Sr.; Mike Boettcher, 140, Sr.; Pat Curran, 160, Sr.; J.D. Mislak, 189, Sr.; Brad Charvat, Hwt., Sr.; Brian Bricker, 112, Jr.; Paul Boettcher, 135, Jr.; Shawn Calhoun, 145, Jr.; P.J. Kirhagis, 130, Jr.; Matt Charvat, 152, So., Courtney Green, 171, So.; Antoine Lide, 119, Jr.

Outlook: The Friars played host to last weekend's season-opening Catholic tournament, beating perennial power Mount St. Joseph and National Prep champ DeMatha for the first time. Two-time state champ Mike Boettcher and Mislak were champs among the eight returning starters. JV champs Kirhagis and Matt Charvat, and Lide, a junior-league champ, add depth against a non-MIAA schedule, including Sherwood (Class 3A-4A tournament champ), Arundel (Class 3A-4A duals champ), Lackey (Class 1A-2A duals and tournament champ), Hammond and Aberdeen.

Friends Quakers


1996-97 record: 5-10

Coach: Tom Lamonica

Top wrestlers: Justin Goldberg, 145-152; Sr.; Joe Johnston, 189, Sr.; Scott Ciesla, 171, Sr.; Mark Spurrier, 119, Sr.; Kenny Thompson, 160, Jr.; Matt Cockey, 125, Jr.

Outlook: Having just 14 wrestlers, Lamonica said: "If we stay healthy, we should be slightly improved."

Gilman Greyhounds

1996-97 record: 9-4


Coach: Mark Harbold

Top wrestlers: Terrence Yoon, 119, Sr.; Mike Machin, 125, Sr.; Stewart Cherry, 135, Sr.; Mike Swann, 160, Sr.; Pat Boyle, 171, Sr.; Thomas Yoon, 103, Jr.; Tim Webb, 145, Jr.; Brian Lewis, 152, Jr.; Damian Davis, 189, Jr.; Franco Gould, 140, So.; Mike Faust, 189, So.; Tyrone Bowie, 112, So., J.D. Nelson, 125, Fr.

Outlook: Led by Davis, a two-time runner-up at MIAAs and states, and Faust, who edged him in an overtime wrestle-off, Gilman could make a statement in the league. But Harbold has to sort out his "much-improved" line-up.

Mount St. Joseph Gaels

1996-97 record: 13-0

Coach: Brian Murphy


Top wrestlers: Kyle Chiaverini, 140, Sr.; Ron Cooper, 152, Sr.; Mike Schaal, 160, Sr.; Mike McKinney, 189, Sr.; Nick Salmon, 125, Sr.; Steve Serio, 130, Sr.; Marc Fecteau, 112, Jr.; Brian McDermott, 135, Jr.; Ryan Edward, 171, Jr.; Chris Matthai, Hwt., Jr.; Steve Lanciotti, 119, Jr.; Jake Keyes, 145, So.; Ryan Herwig, 103, Fr.

Outlook: The defending MIAA champion Gaels, working under a new coach after Paul Triplett stepped down last spring following 11 successful seasons, were tripped up a week ago at Archbishop Curley. But the Gaels have a lineup that no doubt will rebound behind MIAA champs Chiaverini and Schaal. Schaal is the state's premiere 160-pounder and should only get better from bumping heads with first-year coach Murphy, 25, a former Pennsylvania state champ.

Pub Date: 12/07/97