Best and worst

Best redeeming tackle: After getting flagged for consecutive personal foul penalties, Bucs safety John Lynch made a critical fourth-down stop on Tyrone Wheatley to snuff a Giants' threat at the Tampa Bay 48 early in the fourth quarter.

Biggest whammy: The Jets lost offensive tackles Jumbo Elliott (right) to a ruptured Achilles' tendon and David Williams to back spasms in the first quarter of a 20-10 loss to the Bills. This was not good for a team that lost guard William Roberts (knee) earlier in the week in practice, and couldn't run the ball before that anyway. The Jets rushed 15 times for 30 yards against the Bills.


Worst reality check: Chiefs 44, 49ers 9. Now even the 49ers have to wonder about that patsy-filled, first-half schedule.

Best improvisational work: The Eagles' Kevin Turner made a 23-yard touchdown catch by pinning a Bobby Hoying pass against the back of Bengals safety Sam Shade, who had extremely tight coverage.


Best throw by a non-quarterback: Cardinals wide receiver Frank Sanders unleashed a 28-yard rope to Rob Moore between two defenders. The pass, off a double reverse, set up a tying Arizona touchdown against the Steelers. Second place goes to Marcus Allen for his ugly 1-yard TD lob on which Chiefs tight end Ted Popson made a spectacular grab.

Worst cheap shot: Chiefs linebacker Anthony Davis drilled 49ers quarterback Steve Young in the back with his helmet after the play had been whistled dead.

Biggest play by a little guy: David Meggett is only 5 feet 7, but he looked huge on a 47-yard punt return for the Patriots. The one-time Towson State star carried several Colts the final 6 yards. That set up a touchdown and 20-10 lead in a game the Patriots won by three.

Best turn of the page: In his second game as the starter since the Rams released running back Lawrence Phillips, Jerald Moore rushed 22 times for 92 yards in a 23-20 upset of the Redskins. That's more yardage than Phillips had in all but one game this season.

Pub Date: 12/02/97