Gap. Inc. worker seriously injured in fall at Edgewood warehouse


A Gap Inc. warehouse worker was seriously injured Saturday when he fell from the warehouse rafters, Joppa-Magnolia fire company officials said.

The man, who was not identified by the Joppa-Magnolia Volunteer Fire Company, dangled 30 feet in the air after a scissor crane he had been working on fell about 4 p.m. The man suffered head and neck injuries, said James B. Lyons III, fire chief.

Two men were working at the Edgewood facility when the crane began to fall. "They were buckled in," Lyons said. "One guy panicked and held the rafter -- The [other] guy who rode it down was fine."

Shortly after the accident, a Gap worker mixed bleach with another chemical in a bucket next to the ventilation system and spread fumes throughout the building, Lyons said. A hazardous materials team was called, Lyons said. The warehouse was evacuated, and no one was injured.

Lyons said that despite Saturday's problems the warehouse is operated well and has a "well-organized first response team that is well-trained and responsive."

The fire company is trying to determine whether the person who caused the fumes to spread through the building was upset after seeing a co-worker seriously injured.

Maryland Shock Trauma Center had no information on the condition of the man.

Maryland Occupational Safety and Health could not be reached for comment.

Pub Date: 11/17/97

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