Coverage of runner's ouster missed the pointThe...


Coverage of runner's ouster missed the point

The coverage of South Carroll High's Jill Krebs and her disqualification (Oct. 25) skimmed over the crucial point: that she was the only member of her team not wearing a turtleneck.

This places the responsibility squarely on her coach, part of whose job is to know these rules and remove such non-competitive concerns from his runners.

If, as Ned Sparks, executive director of the Maryland Public Schools Athletic Association, says, "the rule was never intended to disqualify someone because of an undergarment that wasn't meant to be visible," he should get the rule clarified, not aid in the pillorying of the meet director, who, along with all his other duties, must attempt to enforce the state association's regulations.

Michael Olesker's column (Oct. 28) on this topic was disgraceful.

He accused the meet officials of prurient interest ("Get your eyes off of young ladies' delicate undergarments") and stupidity ("obtuse authority figures").

Mr. Olesker and reporter Anne Haddad rushed to defend a young woman, who sounds as if she will overcome this setback beautifully on her own.

Ned Sparks and South Carroll Coach Rob Pennington should apologize to meet director John Grim on behalf of The Sun's writers.

Kenneth Miller


A chance to outlaw partial-birth abortion

Carroll citizens can help override the president's veto of the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act. Americans are now within a few votes of victory over partial-birth abortion.

The House of Representatives passed the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act on Oct. 8 by a vote of 296-132. This latest House vote is more than the two-thirds necessary to override a veto, but the May '97 Senate vote of 64-36, passing the ban, was about three votes short of being veto-proof.

After passing both houses of Congress by these overwhelming majorities, President Clinton on Oct. 10 vetoed the P.B.A. Ban Act.

He vetoed the ban as he did in 1996, despite the huge consensus of legislators, medical professionals (including the American Medical Association), religious leaders and the American people. Reputable physicians emphatically state P.B.A is never medically indicated.

Sources close to the bill in both houses say that the current plan is not to hold an override vote until next year.

Should not House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott schedule an override vote before Congress leaves for the year?

Vincent J. Perticone


Help a Missouri pupil learn about Maryland

I am a member of the fifth-grade class at St. Peter School in Kirkwood, Mo. Kirkwood is a suburb of St. Louis, home of the Gateway Arch.

Our class is studying geography and history of the United States. We are very interrested in learning about the state of Maryland. We are asking you to publish this letter in hopes that your readers will respond by sending us postcards about Maryland.

Sean Kerins

Kirkwood, MO

Pub Date: 11/09/97

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