Best and worst

Most classy move: Steelers coach Bill Cowher apologized to Chris Hudson of the Jaguars before Sunday's game for his sideline behavior in Jacksonville's 30-21 win over Pittsburgh on Sept. 22. As Hudson ran past Cowher for a clinching, 58-yard touchdown off a blocked field goal in that game, the coach cocked his arm as if he intended to punch Hudson.

Least classy move: Steelers linebacker Greg Lloyd leveled Jaguars receiver Keenan McCardell after the whistle on Sunday's first play because he thought McCardell had made a threatening phone call during the week.


Best new rivalry: Steelers-Jaguars.

Worst new rivalry: Chiefs-Rams. That's because Chiefs quarterback Elvis Grbac represents the 49ersfactor. The Rams have lost 15 straight to the 49ers. As a former 49er, Grbac is building the same kind of spell over the Rams. Counting Sunday's 28-20 win, he's 3-0 against them.


Best defensive first half: Rams pass rusher Leslie O'Neal had four first-half sacks of Grbac. If he had four more in the second half (he had none), the Rams might not be under Grbac's spell.

Best offensive second half: The Seahawks spotted the Raiders a 31-18 lead early in the second half, then outscored them 27-3 over the final 28 minutes. Warren Moon threw for three of his five touchdown passes, all three to Joey Galloway.

Most humiliating play: After pulling within 29-19 of the Chargers late in the fourth quarter, the hapless, winless Colts attempted an onside kick. Incredibly, San Diego's Rodney Harrison returned it 40 yards -- untouched -- for a touchdown.

Most compelling argument for instant replay: Officials awarded the Vikings a huge third-quarter touchdown in a 10-6 win over the Bucs when fullback Charles Evans tried the middle of the line on third-and-one. Only problem was, Evans went down under a pile at the 1, and replays showed that his right knee touched before he could possibly have broken the plane.

Pub Date: 10/28/97