Perfectly suitedWomen lament that designer clothes are...


Perfectly suited

Women lament that designer clothes are restricted to idealized body types, but men have their problems, too. What about the man who's 7-foot-plus, broad of shoulder and narrow of hip? He may be blessed with stature, but he's doomed at the suit racks. If his tastes run to impeccable style and he's NBA superstar Patrick Ewing, things are easier -- he's one of Donna Karan's long-time private clients.

Now Ewing has been chosen as the image model for the new Donna Karan Made-to-Order Collection, a custom service being introduced in select stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus this month. Here's how it works. Donna Karan's trained salespeople will help you select a suit model. Then you pick a fabric and customize the details -- lining, pocket placement, pleats, cuffs. The suit is then hand-finished by master tailor Martin Greenfield, who also fits President Clinton's suits. The service is not just for tall legends, but any man with specific fitting problems or finicky demands.

All this extra attention is pricey -- $1,600 to $2,500 -- but the luxe quality is unmistakable. Now if Donna could only do something about those droopy-drawers basketball uniforms, we would all be grateful.

Dish and that

The newest celebrity scent to hit store shelves is inspired by the woman who keeps celebrities in the news. It's called Gossip by Cindy Adams, and carries the tag line "give them something to talk about." Adams tattles daily for the New York Post and all over tabloid TV about the foibles of the rich and famous. She sees the art of gossip as a higher calling. "It is rooted in the word gospel and comes from the scriptures. The first four gossips were men: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John." Her eponymous fragrance by Coty has notes of the same saucy irreverence.

Popular beauty poll

Effective cosmetic products don't have to cost an arm and a leg. Nivea Skin Therapy Lotion, a $5 drugstore-price brand, was voted the best body moisturizer by readers of Marie Claire. The Nivea folks must be doing something right because they've been a leading international label for well over a century.

Some of the magazine's other reader winners were: cleanser, Neutrogena; shampoo, Pantene; mascara, Maybelline; blush, MAC; nail polish, Chanel; lipstick, Revlon; "best for less" makeup, L'Oreal.

Heads up, Mom!

Mothers who eschew the shopping aisles of Halloween Hell may want to check out the Halloween Costume Closet of the FabricLink Web site. There are loads of costume ideas -- cheap tricks, mask making, pattern and book sources and materials.

We especially like the bunch-of-grapes idea for all-thumbs moms. All you need is good lungs. Blow up and knot enough purple balloons to cover your kid. Quick-dry glue them to a longish old top that reaches to mid thigh. Cut something green into leafy shapes and staple together into a hat shape. Done. They'll burst. So what? Click on to wwwFabricLink.comm.

* A fright face is as close as your makeup box. The Sally Beauty Supply Company has a line of Halloween Potions like goblin-green eye shadow, black-cat polish and fright-night eyelashes. Real trendettes would even wear these tints after trick-or-treat weekend. Call 800-ASK-SALLY for store locations.

Pub Date: 10/19/97

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