Demotion is no surprise, Neujahr says With Williams' return, center on sideline again


Ravens center Quentin Neujahr has handled his demotion as well as could be expected.

Neujahr, in his third season, played well in the team's first six games, filling in for starter Wally Williams, who injured an Achilles' tendon in late April.

But when the Ravens play the Miami Dolphins on Sunday at Memorial Stadium, Williams will start and Neujahr will be observing. The move doesn't seem to have surprised Neujahr.

"There was an understanding. I knew it was coming," he said. "It wasn't like I had the job, didn't play well and lost it. I think I played all right. Hopefully, they'll keep me around. Hopefully, I played well enough that they want to keep me around.

"I'm doing a lot better than people who are on that ticker," said Neujahr, alluding to the waiver wire. "I see a lot of people who don't have jobs. If it doesn't work out, I could always start applying for a job at the Baltimore Sun."

No grudges with Green

Tight end Eric Green said he holds no animosity toward Jimmy Johnson, the Miami coach who cut Green from the Dolphins on July 9, 1996. Green, who had 43 catches in 1995, also reportedly missed 39 practices.

Green has gotten off to a hot start with the Ravens with 26 receptions for 268 yards and two touchdowns.

"I was more motivated for the Steelers game than Miami," Green said. "I spent many years with that team, had quite a few teammates who were friends.

"I don't know Jimmy. He really doesn't know me. We went through one minicamp together; that's it. That's water under the bridge now. He went on his way with his team. I went on my way with my team. I'm with a team that utilizes my talent as a player. I guess in Miami I wasn't his type of player."

Cavil comfortable

Left guard Ben Cavil broke his vow of silence on his new starting assignment in place of veteran Leo Goeas. It will be Cavil's second start of the season. He is in his second NFL season.

"I've got to go out and take care of business," Cavil said. "I'm real comfortable now than I was a couple of weeks ago. Back then, I was still learning the offense. It's been about six to seven weeks now and I'm coming off the ball well. The coaching staff has shown some confidence in me, so now I've got to go out and prove them right."

Williams is spokesman

Williams is the new spokesman for the Transplant Resource Center of Maryland, which is teaming with the Ravens to promote organ and tissue donation throughout Maryland.

The cousin of Williams' fiancee, Dewan Smith, has been on a waiting list for a kidney transplant for a year.


Rookie linebacker Tyrell Peters was re-signed to the developmental squad two days after being cut so the team could sign defensive end Keith Washington. Peters cleared waivers, which allowed the team to re-sign him. To make room for Peters, the team reached an injury settlement with guard/tackle John Elmore, who had knee problems. Quarterback Vinny Testaverde was bothered by a slight hamstring pull in Wednesday's practice, but showed no ill effects in yesterday's workout.

Pub Date: 10/17/97

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