A bang, then a whimper Orioles: We believed. We cheered. We stayed to the bitterest of ends. And now, we wait till next year. Is this any way to treat The Fan?

They lied.

Everyone lied.


They said we just had to make a lot of noise.

They said we just had to come home to get it done.


They said Cleveland would be easier than the Yankees.

The vanity plate on the first car The Fan saw on the way to the park yesterday said: "2 NIGHT."

They said good pitching always beats good hitting.

The umpires said they wouldn't punish Roberto Alomar or the Orioles for spitting on one of their own last year.

They said the home team has the advantage in extra innings.

The guy from Fox TV said, don't tell anyone, but I saw a script that said the O's in seven.

They said we will, we will rock you.

They said to believe.


They said it's not over till the fat lady sings.

It's over.

The Fan, whose coverage of the Orioles' race for the pennant began Aug. 28, filed this short missive with a broken heart last night.

She will rally Saturday with a season finale -- just in time for the World Series she plans not to watch.

Pub Date: 10/16/97