Vito Stellino's power rankings

1. Denver: Will the Broncos be Super Bowl fodder again?

2. Green Bay: Packers can still win when they're desperate.


3. San Francisco: 49ers' schedule is a cakewalk.

4. New England: Patriots can't beat the Broncos.


5. Tampa Bay: Bucs weren't ready for Lambeau Field.

6. Pittsburgh: Steelers have mastered the fake reverse.

7. Dallas: Emmitt Smith's an old Emmitt, not the Emmitt of old.

8. Minnesota: Brad Johnson is the surprise player of the season.

9. Jacksonville: Jaguars weren't fooled by a fake punt last week.

10. Kansas City: Andre Rison is NFL's 17th all-time leading receiver.

11. Philadelphia: Can the Eagles win two in a row?

12. Washington: Norv Turner always loses before the Dallas game.


13. Miami: Jimmy Johnson meets Bill Parcells in the Ego Bowl.

14. N.Y. Jets: See above.

15. Buffalo: Will Bruce Smith last the season?

16. Ravens: It's time to develop a running game.

17. Carolina: Kerry Collins is not happy being the backup QB.

18. Arizona: Can the Cardinals lose by a point again?


19. Oakland: New motto: Commitment to Mediocrity.

20. Detroit: Barry Sanders was stuffed in the end zone last week.

21. San Diego: Chargers are on a two-game winning streak.

22. N.Y. Giants: Will Danny Kanell turn Dave Brown into Wally Pipp?

23. St. Louis: The city's lawyers are better than the Rams' players.

24. Seattle: Warren Moon doesn't show his age.


25. Cincinnati: They're the same old Bengals.

26. Tennessee: Plenty of good tickets are available.

27. New Orleans: "Iron Mike" enjoyed his homecoming last week.

28. Indianapolis: Can the Colts stop the Steelers' fake reverse?

29. Atlanta: Falcons may lose Peyton Manning to the Bears.

30. Chicago: New front-runner in the Manning derby.


Pub Date: 10/10/97