Senior Center Plus director wins award


BARBARA DELPH will receive the first Bill Pindell Community Service Award from the Glenwood Lions Club on Tuesday.

Named after the late Bill Pindell, known fondly for years as "the Mayor of Glenwood," the award recognizes someone who exemplifies Pindell's community spirit.

Pindell gave freely of his time and energies to the community.

Delph began working with low-income families in the community 26 years ago.

She has helped countless families with food stamps, medical assistance and one-on-one nutrition education.

Delph started a nutrition center 22 years ago in West Friendship.

The center was moved from place to place, but it always provided hot midday meals for people in need.

At one time, the group met "in the back of a barroom," according to Delph.

Later, it met at Glenelg United Methodist Church.

The nutrition center became a senior center for mentally and physically impaired senior citizens.

When Delph heard several years ago that the county was going to tear down Allen House, she lobbied County Executive Charles I. Ecker -- who took about three days to make an aggressive commitment that "the Allen house will not come down."

Now Allen House on Route 97 in Glenwood houses the Western Howard County Senior Center.

And now Delph's senior center -- Senior Center Plus -- is housed in the same building. Much of Delph's time is spent working on special programs for seniors who use wheelchairs.

Between 17 and 24 seniors, ages 67 to 99, exercise in their wheelchairs with her each day.

They play games, learn about nutrition and much more.

Delph is there listening to their needs every day. Her reward is meeting their needs.

Besides her 60-hour weeks helping others, Delph's focus has been on her family.

Like her five children, Delph is a Glenelg High School graduate. Her grandson, David Lawson, will graduate from Glenelg in June.

Delph lives with her husband, Billy, on a small farm in Woodbine, where they raise beef cattle.

They have 15 grandchildren.

Delph's husband, their children and their spouses will accompany her to the Lions Club dinner Tuesday, where she will receive a plaque and a check for $1,000 to donate to her favorite charity.

Delph said she is grateful for the honor of receiving the Pindell award and hopes her good health and energy hold up until she is 105 so she can continue to serve the people of western Howard.

She continues with her efforts on behalf of senior citizens through the Senior Center Plus and WeCARE, the Western Community Action to Reach the Elderly.

You might also see her driving on country roads in her sporty little red car.

If you do, wave to her.

This woman is a unique gift to western Howard County.

Seekers sought

St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Glenwood made a historic step last spring when it became an independent church.

For many years it was a mission church, under the guidance of other local Episcopal churches.

Now the Rev. Harry Brunett wants to develop a Seekers' Ministry through St. Andrew's.

His is a thoughtful quest.

For several years, Brunett has been working to complete a doctorate in theology. His studies focus on seekers' ministries, which strive to help people fulfill their spiritual needs outside the institutional church.

His background in civil rights campaigns and assistance to the elderly has helped him develop a keen sense of peoples' needs.

He wants to meet those needs, including the need for a sense of community in their lives -- a desire that some institutional churches can't fulfill.

He wants St. Andrew's to become a place for all people to help find meaning in their lives.

Meanwhile, Brunett issues an invitation to visit St. Andrew's for worship Sunday at 8 a.m. and 11: 15 a.m. at Union Chapel on Route 97 in Glenwood or at 9: 15 a.m. for a family service at Bushy Park Elementary School.

Information: 410-489-4035.

River Hill toughs it out

River Hill High School students hope to out-rival their opponents with brute force and cunning Saturday.

At 2 p.m., River Hill's varsity football team will play its first home game against Glenelg High School.

Pleased with his developing football team's progress, River Hill's coach Don Van Duesen predicts a successful year.

At half time, River Hill's Marching Band will take the field -- wearing its new uniforms for the first time.

Meanwhile, River Hill's "It's Academic" team, under the tutelage of science department instructional leader Barb Jewett, will take on Boonsboro High School and Hereford High School in a battle of minds.

Senior Jeff Jew, junior Emily Ashcraft and sophomore Andrew Chen have prepared for more than a year to match wits with other teams.

Pub Date: 9/18/97

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