Pentium chip narrows the gap between laptops and desktops


SAN JOSE, Calif. -- A new era in portable computing begins tomorrow, with dozens of players taking advantage of an innovative new processor to target one of the fastest-growing segments of the personal computer market.

Intel's brand new "Tillamook" portable processor is a 200- or 233-MHz Pentium with MMX chip, the first Intel chip to be built with a so-called "0.25 micron" process.

This process allows the production of smaller chips that use less power and generate less heat, making them particularly suitable for use in portables.

Accompanying the Tillamook announcement will be a variety of systems -- priced at $2,500 to $7,000 -- that are designed to match the most powerful Pentium-based desktops.

Most research indicates that sales of portables are growing at about 30 percent a year, compared with the 15-20 percent growth rate estimated for desktop systems.

Tillamook itself falls short of Intel's stated goal of making portable processors that are as powerful as any desktop version. Nevertheless, it significantly closes the performance gap.

Pub Date: 9/07/97

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