Mad gun laws


A SCARY MAN named Carl Drega, who was 67 and had feuded violently with town officials for decades in northern New Hampshire near the Vermont and Quebec borders, finally popped last Tuesday.

When troopers Scott Phillips and Leslie Lord stopped Drega's truck for a violation, it was Drega who had an assault rifle, Drega who wore a bulletproof vest. He assassinated them.

He took their cruiser, hunting down a hit list. He executed Vickie Bunnell, a lawyer and part-time judge in Colebrook who had offended him, and murdered Dennis Joos, the town newspaper editor, who tried to intervene. Then he fled to Vermont and wounded four more troopers before one got him.

The only thing loonier than Drega is the gun mentality of this country that arms its madmen better than its peace officers.

Pub Date: 8/25/97

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