Replica of 'The Simpsons' house includes mouse hole, grease spot

A house with custom-built mouse holes? With a "power orange" and "solar yellow" exterior?

And made from the blueprints of a design team that watched 96 cartoons for inspiration?


As Bart Simpson would say, "Cool."

This monument to off-kilter living is a four-bedroom replica of the home seen on "The Simpsons," the animated Fox network TV show that celebrates social imperfection.


You can't buy it, but you could win it.

It's in a 152-home community in Henderson, Nev., not far from Las Vegas, and it was constructed for the blithely shameless purpose of big-time public relations.

It's also turning out to be the same kind of hit as the TV show. When the house opened for tours Wednesday, there was a 2 1/2 -hour wait on line.

Built by Kaufman and Broad Home Corp., the 2,200-square-foot dwelling will go to the individual who matches a game-piece number with the number flashed on the screen during the Sept. 21 season premiere of "The Simpsons."

You can get the game pieces by buying specially marked packages of Pepsi-Cola Company drinks (including Mug Root Beer and lemon-lime or mandarin-orange Slice). You also can visit any Kaufman and Broad new home community for game pieces.

On TV, the Simpsons' community is named Springfield; so is the development with the replica house. If you win, you get more than title and the tax obligation on your $150,000-value prize.

You get corn-cob curtains in the kitchen, just like Marge Simpson has. You get a driveway with a grease spot, just like the one from Homer Simpson's car.

And you get to open and close a door in the house that goes nowhere, in honor of the TV one that no one ever uses. Yeah, that's cool.


Pub Date: 8/21/97