Looming free agency isn't Myers' worry yet Closer would rather focus on most efficient season

KANSAS CITY, MO. — KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Randy Myers is approaching his pending free agency with the same attitude he takes from the mound after each appearance: Some things can't be controlled, so why worry?

Myers and his agent, David Fishof, have yet to speak to management about a possible extension. Meanwhile, Myers is enjoying the most efficient season of his productive career, converting 36 of 37 save opportunities to tie Goose Gossage for the seventh-most saves (310) ever.


His only blown save came May 3. He is playing out a two-year, $6.3 million contract, but is well aware of talk the team wants to develop setup man Armando Benitez into a closer.

"I signed a two-year deal and I'll play out two years," he said. "At the end of the season I'll sit down and see what they plan to do and what they think I can do for them."


Myers' decision will involve several factors -- money, length of contract and the role a team envisions for him. Once before in his career Myers came off an outstanding season only to be unseated as closer the following year, when Rob Dibble cut into his opportunities with the Cincinnati Reds in 1991.

"I don't know what their thinking is, whether they want to change [closers] or not," Myers said. He said he wants to hear the team's "management philosophy" as much as dollars and years.

Myers remains vague about what he will seek. "Am I going to be healthy tomorrow? Can you answer that? There are so many variables and not enough guarantees to say anything specific," he said. "To be honest, I'm not thinking about my contract. I don't have reason to right now."

Myers has twice signed as a free agent, both times refusing to accept an option year. Myers will be 35 in September, forcing a decision by any interested team whether to guarantee three years.

Pub Date: 8/20/97