Style is one of the many links with identical twins

They are best friends. They share the same beliefs and feelings, the same sense of style, the same color preferences. And between them, there's 50 year's worth of fashion sense and sensibility.

But 25-year-old identical twins Rebecca and Jennifer Cormeny have their own closets and basically their own wardrobes. That doesn't mean that Jennifer won't take a trip down the hallway to peer into her sister's closet. Often, she's stymied by the sheer number of shoes she encounters. For it is Rebecca who tends to accumulate the most footwear, earrings and fashion sundries. More often than not, however, the twins, one a social worker and one a benefits coordinator for a health care company, are partners in shopping as they scour malls, outlets and any place ** that boasts a markdown.


As they chat about clothes, the twins speak as one, finishing each other's sentences and describing each other's splurges and preferences.

Did your mom dress you alike when you were kids?


Same style, different colors, up through the toddler stage. Then it was mostly hand-me-downs. The '70s weren't good to us.

Are your shopping expeditions focused on work clothes?

Yes. Neither of our jobs are "suit type" jobs. We wear "dressy casual" kinds of clothes. If we had to dress like Wall Street, forget it!

How often do you shop?


Do you shop at women's plus-size stores?

We go to Lane Bryant, August Max and Elizabeth for Liz Claiborne. But Liz is expensive. Lane Bryant is good for sales.

Have plus-size choices improved?


There are really nice clothes for larger women. The choices have expanded as we've grown up.

What colors do you prefer?

Neutrals: black, brown, cream, white. Love the navy blue, too.

Do you ever stray from those classics?

In summer we're more bright.

Do you make the outlet rounds?


We've been to Lancaster, [Pa.], West Virginia, Potomac Mills, Reading, [Pa.]. But plus-sizes at outlets are limited.

Do you shop on your travels?

We stop at Gabriel Brothers in Western Maryland on the way to see our grandmother. And the other day, we went to Kings Dominion and also stopped at the Bass outlet in Fredericksburg.

Are you mad for accessories?

Rebecca has about 200 pairs of earrings. But she doesn't spend more than $5 a pair. At a store like Lerner, we may not fit the clothes, but we always fit the shoes and fit the earrings. We always come out with something.

What fashion innovation has made life easier for you?


Skorts are the best thing in the world. We're loving them.

Your hair is short and curly but cut slightly differently. Who does it?

Jakkie Boyd, out of her house. She's been cutting our hair since we moved to Baltimore from Washington 10 years ago.

You're wearing the same eye glasses.

They've always been similar. This time we bought the same frames.

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Pub Date: 7/24/97