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Barely there in the workplace

Fashion, climate and business dress codes tend to work at cross-purposes. This summer's clothes are soft and feminine and demand a lighter shoe such as a slide or sandal. Fashion mavens know that wearing stockings with sandals is an unforgivable styling faux pas.

What to do in the workplace where hosiery is de rigueur? There's some movement in favor of fashion and comfort, according to the "Bare Legs Go to Work Poll" conducted by the Gillette razor folks, who are pushing the new SensoExel shaver for women.

The women who would like to work bare-legged gave different reasons: 98 percent said it's cooler; 75 percent said it's easier; 37 percent wanted to show off a tan; 21 percent said bare legs save money on pantyhose.

Of the working women polled, 64 percent said their company permits them to come to work bare-legged in summer. Permits? What a breakthrough! We assume the 36 percent of remaining companies require hosiery. May their execs be doomed to wear tummy-control pantyhose in infernal temperatures.

And we say pshaw to the notion that bare-leggedness is somehow declasse. Jackie O and Princess Di are notable for going bare-limbed in public and that certainly didn't cramp their style.

Fiesta wear

The world's most sophisticated designers are continuing to exploit the globe, and Spain seems to be the next destination for inspiration. The Paris couture shows this month were heavy on ruffles, lace, macrame fringe and boleros. Yves Saint Laurent did embroidery-encrusted toreador pants. There were dramatic ruffs and cuffs on infanta bodices at Balmain. John Galliano showed black satin and lace gowns trailing bolero trains at Dior. No roses clutched in the teeth, though. That was seen at the menswear collections in Milan earlier this month where Jean Paul Gaultier suggested them as summer accessories for the fashionable male.

Flamenco is hot. Nearly as hot/cold as the romance of senorita Naomi Campbell and her gypsy dancer Joaquin Cortes. Clap and stomp your heels if you believe in fashion.

Pool tricks

From the makers of Swimmers Solution, the treatment shampoo for chlorine damage, here are some pool hair-care hints:

* Wet hair with tap water before entering the pool, because wet hair absorbs fewer of the pool chemicals.

* Rinse hair with mineral water immediately after swimming. It counteracts the effects of the chlorine, so green deposits don't build up.

* Slather on conditioner and leave in the hair while you sun for a hot conditioning treatment.

Pub Date: 7/20/97

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