For one more alien visit, here's a good 'Outer Limits'


An alien world is sending a spaceship to Earth, and it's warned us that anyone who comes near the landing site will be destroyed. Just what are these things? What are their intentions? And why are they so determined not to have us around?

Those are the questions asked in "The Zanti Misfits," an episode of the "The Outer Limits" (noon-1 p.m., TNT) that was included last month in TV Guide's list of the 100 Greatest TV Episodes of All Time.

The cast includes a very young Bruce Dern, and the Zantians, once they appear on screen, are pretty horrid looking (if somewhat cheesy -- hey, it was the early '60s). Not all of the "Limits" episodes have aged well; the best -- and this is among them -- are those that mix a little moralizing into their sci-fi. Good stuff.

Pub Date: 7/17/97

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