Those new old knitsMissoni, a status label...


Those new old knits

Missoni, a status label of the '70s, has been resurrected for the '90s. The Italian house, which was known for its distinctive and colorful zigzag and striped knits for men and women, fell out fTC of fashion for two decades, a victim of Armanization and minimalist fashion. With the revival of so many '70s influences in today's collections, the Missoni style has clout once more.

Many designers put patterned knits in their collections, and the style looks fresh after many years of black sweatering. Shown here is a lean knit look from Joan Vass USA -- a V-cardigan with a long tube skirt that comes in variegated reds, blues, blacks and browns.

This knitting technique is called space-dyed, and its irregularity is achieved by using yarns tie-dyed in various colors.

From hood to haute

The humble, zip-front, hooded sweat shirt has been upgraded from knock-around wear to designer status. You'll be seeing it done up in luxury yarns such as cashmere and in colors never imagined in a locker room; some even have fur trim for extra coziness. Here we see a fluffy fleece paired with a mini-skirt at Marc Jacobs' runway show and a not-so-basic moss green version from DKNY.

Movie eyes

Sunglasses that get movie parts tend to become stars off-screen. First we had the bad "Men in Black" shades from Ray Ban. Now we get have the bad-babe, cat-eye frames worn by Poison Ivy as played by Uma Thurman in "Batman & Robin." The designs are by Alain Mikli and can be had at Alain Mikli Optique in New York or ordered here from Bernard Shear Opticians.

Future feet

We've had high-tops that pump, snap and glow in the dark. Now we're getting sport boots that stretch, zip and buckle. The National Association of Men's Sportswear buyers says the boot trend shows no signs of slowing down, and high-tech, space-travel designs are the look of the future. Shown here: a shoe for the next generation from Urban Trends.

Pub Date: 7/13/97

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