Hammond graduates heading for new horizons


NATURALLY, THE talented and dedicated bunch that Hammond High School graduated this year has plans for the next year.

Off to college they go, ready to confront a new world. Is that world quite ready for them?

St. Mary's College gets a Hammond crew consisting of Shoshannah Beck, Amy DiPietro, Christopher Kennedy, Jamie Wasser, Chris Weber and Clayton Paulding. Sean Perschy and Brian Schulman should find life in Philadelphia a bit different from life in Columbia. They are attending the University of Pennsylvania.

Richard Goodier will be attending Harvard University, and Brooke Hafets will be at Cornell.

Heading for the Johns Hopkins University are Michelle Zavage and Katie Reytar.

Krista Dumser, Jill Feldstein, Morgan Gibbons, Ryan McDonald and Jordan Tobin are going to the University of Delaware.

Bradley Gray will continue his dance studies with the New York City Ballet. Lauren Deckert will attend the Fashion Institute of Technology. Matt Enslow is joining the Marines. Susan Haynes and Jeremy Kattar are joining the Army, Dietrich Jenkins the Air Force. Ryan Vaughan will attend the Pratt Institute. Holly Hutcheson plans to attend the Pennsylvania Culinary School. And Jen Sperling has been recruited by the Culinary Institute of America.

Green thumbs

Master gardeners from the University of Maryland Cooperative Extension Service will not be at Savage library on Saturday. Even gardeners like to stay up late looking at the fireworks.

Harried gardeners and distressed would-be farmers will have to wait until July 12 for guidance.


Frequent patrons of the Savage Library may have noticed the art hung in the children's area.

These depictions of undersea life come from Forest Ridge Elementary first-graders. Over the copier Paul Tsikerdanis hung his painting of a patchwork carapaced turtle. Jake Sherry depicts a turtle as a ladybug, with a black-spotted red shell. Brian Nance has created a four-footed fantasy creature in vibrant colors.

Fellow classmates went with sharks, eels and whales. Over the Mac computer, Tim Mierzwa's pink eel glows. Brittany Bullock's striped shark prowls rather nicely, for a distant relative of the fellow in "Jaws." Kandace Kroll and Morgan Dice also made portraits of striped sharks, and Morgan's hides in colorful kelp, awaiting an unsuspecting dinner.

Jonathan Holton dressed an eel and a turtle in rainbow wear. Matthew Miller filled his ocean with sharks, fish, a turtle and a banded eel. Justin Bundens painted a closeup of a dolphin face in gray water. Aja Hannah was even more ambitious. In hers, whales breach the surface against a bright yellow morning sky.

Bill Reybold shows a startling front closeup of a tropical fish between two palm trees. Stephanie Walker also drew a head-on picture: Her dolphins leap toward the viewer in a fjord ringed by mountains. Ardalun Amadi-Kamali painted a spotted yellow fish with a malicious red grin in murky water.

July 4

Lourdes Sullivan's column and the news notes for the North Laurel-Savage area, both of which usually run Fridays, are being carried on this page and 8C because there will be no separate Howard County edition of The Sun tomorrow because of the Fourth of July holiday.

Pub Date: 7/03/97

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