Convicted killer deserves an ugly deathI am...


Convicted killer deserves an ugly death

I am glad Flint Gregory Hunt seeks an ugly death. He deserves it for the heinous act he committed. If he thinks news coverage will evoke sympathy or compassion about his newly found religion or remorse, then think again. To say he was high on drugs is no excuse and I am tired of hearing it. He and others like him made a choice to take drugs and therefore must accept the consequences.

I am a strong proponent of the death penalty. If not as a deterrent, then to assure that the offender will not be around to commit another crime.

Pat Ragin


City College students are proud achievers

While the achievements of those at Centennial High School are laudatory, more impressive examples of excellence under far more challenging conditions are at hand in Baltimore City. City College is one example; Poly, Western, Dunbar and the School for the Arts are others.

Most City College students do not come from affluent suburbs and the college-educated, two-parent homes thought to be so crucial to academic excellence, but from impoverished inner-city Baltimore. Centennial students are funded at the rate of more than $8,000 per student,City College students at less than $5,000.

Last year, the State Department of Education reported that 81.4 percent of City College seniors went to four-year colleges and that City rated "excellent" in seven of 11 state-monitored categories.

This year's seniors were admitted to such highly selective colleges as Amherst, Brown, Georgetown, Kenyon and Williams.

Our football, basketball, volleyball and badminton teams reached the regional finals or semi-finals in their respective sports. City College is the only school represented in the regional debate league. City's chess team won a special achievement trophy at this year's Pan- American Chess Championship. Our band and chorus win local and regional honors year in and year out.

If you want to witness those aiming at and achieving excellence, don't overlook City College and its counterparts where so much is being done despite severely limited resources.

Curt Anderson

Joseph M. Wilson


The writers, respectively, are chairman of the City College School Improvement Team and its principal.

Don't mind cooking, but no praying

It's acceptable to flip burgers in the Druid Hill Park area, but the community is aroused when certain people want to worship there.

McNair Taylor


Stadium costs hit the roof

With all the controversy we experienced in the last Maryland legislature and which now embroils the mayor and the City Council over the budget, I believe it is relevant to revisit our government's decision on the new football stadium currently under construction.

The current issue of Your Money has an expose on how much these stadiums really cost the citizens. The article cites the new Baltimore Ravens facility and quotes a cost figure to the citizens of $127,000 for each of the 1,394 jobs expected to be created by the stadium and presence of the Ravens.

This article does not take into account the impact of those businesses -- such as Hammerjacks -- lost to accommodate this facility.

I am not trying to reverse the decision but to focus attention on government officials with whom our public trust and custody of public funds reside.

Fred Metschulat


County suffering from rash of beggars

Why can't the police do something about the current influx of beggars into Hunt Valley, Cockeysville and Timonium?

On June 16 there were two beggars on Shawan Road, one working the east-bound traffic and the other the west-bound side.

There is also a beggar "post" in front of the Giant store at Shawan and York and one in front of the Mars store at Padonia and York.

I cannot understand how the local politicians and the citizens can close their eyes to this problem any further. Does no one care about the quality and integrity of this area?

Perhaps local police can pull themselves away from issuing traffic tickets on York Road and do something about this problem.

Scott Airey


Phone memory works with 10-digit numbers

If your phone stores numbers in memory for rapid dialing, it might not be as useless as Agnes P. Marks has asserted in her June 11 letter.

Pick up your phone, dial 410, then use your rapid dial key. Mine works just fine, and I hope yours does too.

Lois R. Leuba


Don't blame pop stars for enduring evils

George F. Will has once again trotted out a column on his favorite subject, the roots of American evil, and once again they turn out to be planted in American pop culture.

Last year, he chose the week after Jerry Garcia died to write a nasty attack on the Grateful Dead, tying them to the abandonment of a child in a California department store.

Now he writes about the monstrous young woman who delivered a baby in the women's room on prom night and tossed it into a trash bin, then asked the band to play a song by Metallica. Metallica's fault, Mr. Will says. Also television's.

Mr. Will would have us believe that this is the first generation in America to witness random acts of senseless brutality. I wonder who he thinks were to blame for Leopold and Loeb? Had they listened to the "Varsity Drag" before torturing and killing Bobby Franks?

Did John Dillinger and the rest of the gangsters of the Twenties and Thirties play too much Rudy Vallee? Whose fault were the lynchings at the turn of the century, Scott Joplin's?

I hold no brief for Metallica or the Grateful Dead. But I'm disgusted by the premise of holier-than-thou arbiters of popular culture who would have us believe this would be a better world if only we empowered them to censor TV stations and airwaves.

And I'm tired of dreading the aftermath of one another outrageous crime because it will include for another one of George Will's silly columns.

It's time stop the political exploitation of outrageous crimes, a tactic which seems to have become a favorite modus operandi of American conservatives.

George S. Friedman


Pub Date: 6/19/97

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