Cable shows Hope's best to commemorate his 94th

Happy 94th, Mr. Hope.

"The Oprah Winfrey Show" (4 p.m.-5 p.m., WBAL, Channel 11) -- Baltimorean Lynne Lamberg, author of "Bodyrhythms: Chronobiology and Peak Performance," chats with Oprah about the best times of the day to meet, think, exercise, etc.


"High Incident" (8 p.m.-9 p.m., WMAR, Channel 2) -- Gang warfare spills over onto the buses of El Camino in this repeat from September, and it's up to Rhoades and Helgado (Blair Underwood and Lisa Vidal) to cool things down. ABC.

"Murder One" (9 p.m.-11 p.m., WMAR, Channel 2) -- It's good-news, bad-news time for James Wyler (Anthony LaPaglia) and his associates, who seem to have gotten vigilante serial murderer Clifford Banks (Pruitt Taylor Vince, who's been extraordinary) out of jail, thanks to an illegal police search. The good news is the lawyers did their job; the bad news is that doing so could put a confessed killer back on the streets, and it looks as if he's going to be a busy boy. ABC.


"48 Hours" (10 p.m.-11 p.m., WJZ, Channel 13) -- How do people live with a guilty conscience? Two case studies offer clues: JTC Calvin Jackson lived in a small North Carolina town for more than a decade, working as a minister and gaining the respect of almost everyone, before the FBI showed up one day and said he was a murderer. (Jackson says the shooting was an accident, prompted by racial slurs.) Ernest Putt, of Chesapeake, Va., once pocketed $78 he found inside a wallet left in a Delaware phone booth. Three decades later, with a guilty conscience that never let up, Putt repaid the $78, plus $612.30 in interest. CBS.


"Road to Singapore" (8 a.m.-9:30 a.m.), "Road to Zanzibar" (9:30 a.m.-11:05 a.m.), "Road to Morocco" (11:05 a.m.-12:30 p.m.), "Road to Utopia" (12:30 p.m.-2 p.m.), "Road to Rio" (2 p.m.-3:45 p.m.), "Road to Bali" (3:45 p.m.-5: 30 p.m.), "Paris Holiday" (5:30 .. p.m.-7:15 p.m.), "The Paleface" (7:15 p.m.-9 p.m., repeats 2:15 a.m.-3:45 a.m.), "Son of Paleface" (9 p.m.-10:45 p.m., repeats 3:45 a.m.-5:20 a.m.), "How To Commit Marriage" (10:45 p.m.-12:30 a.m., repeats 5:20 a.m.-7 a.m.) and "The Private Navy of Sgt. O'Farrell" (12:30 a.m.-2:15 a.m., AMC) -- Bob Hope's been making Americans laugh for parts of eight decades, in a career that's seen him move from vaudeville comic to radio and movie actor to national icon. Here's just about all you'd need to see of Hope's movie career, including the six "Road" pictures he made with Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour. They're all fun -- few actors have seemed to play off each other as easily as Hope and Crosby -- but you can't go wrong with 1942's "Morocco," with Crosby selling Hope to a slave trader, the better to have Lamour all to himself, or 1945's "Utopia," where the boys are off to the Klondike in search of gold. "O'Farrell" pairs Hope with Phyllis Diller, the host for today's birthday tribute.

Pub Date: 5/29/97