Talbott Springs 'lobbyists' get some good school news


Talbott Springs Elementary School likely will get a new gymnasium and some renovations by the fall of 1999 -- in part due to the hard work and lobbying of some ambitious students at the east Columbia school.

Howard County school Superintendent Michael E. Hickey told a group of Talbott Springs fourth-graders that the elementary will be on the school system's list of renovation projects for the capital budgets of the 1999 and 2000 fiscal years.

The announcement came during a visit to the 24-year-old school by Republican state Sen. Martin G. Madden. He came at the request of students, who asked him to help obtain renovations for their school.

"When we went on a field trip to Annapolis, I asked Senator Madden to help fix our school," said Talbott Springs fourth-grader Michael Scudder, 9. "Then I wrote him a letter, and he agreed to come."

During the visit, a handful of students showed Madden and Hickey what work needs to be done and asked for help. "It was nice to get lobbied by some real pros," Hickey said.

Hickey told the students that plans call for renovations for Talbott Springs, beginning with the capital budget for the 1999 fiscal year. The renovations would include a new gym and an area for art and music classes. Hickey said he hoped that the work could be completed by fall 1999.

The renovations would be similar to those at nearby Stevens Forest Elementary School, which received a new gym in 1995.

"It was neat because they helped my school," Michael said.

Pub Date: 5/13/97

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