LOUIS WIEST brought his two Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs to the Savage Library last week for a program, "Go Hog Wild."

He also brought three hedgehogs.

The porkers were well behaved, but -- to the great delight of the children in the audience -- the hedgehogs kept shuffling toward the edges of the table and falling off.

Fortunately, hedgehogs are light and padded with quills, so no damage was done, but the afternoon was punctuated by cries of "Runaway hog!"

The 150 participants had a terrific time petting the animals and listening to pig-theme stories.

Thanks go to library associate Karen Fedderly, who cut out piggy noses from egg-carton bottoms as costumes and souvenirs for the attendees.

Guilford Elementary shines

The cohorts at Guilford Elementary have been very busy indeed.

Five students will have their work on permanent display at the new Pediatric Unit of Howard County General Hospital.

First-graders Daniel Baker, David Connor, Kaitlynn Horne and Carolyn DeMaria have their paintings on exhibit in the sun room.

Second-grader Julia Petre's work hangs in one of the patient rooms.

On display at The Mall in Columbia, until this past week, were works by 38 Guilford students. The work was displayed as part of the Student Art Exhibit of the Howard County Public School System.

Residents may have noticed work by first-graders Ian Hebert, Eria Baba, Zachary Mason, Jesse Freishtat, Krista Speidel and John Lam.

Second-graders Suzanna Johnson, Adrian Klein-Hebron, Sarah MacMullan, Korinne Covington and Jasmine Washington also contributed their efforts.

Third-graders Maria Aleman, Kamilla Guinn, Michael Davis, Nick George, Craig Hamming, Ashley Snyder and Ariel McCord added artistic flair to the display.

Work by fourth-graders Kyle Davis, Rhea Sirkar, Toronto Alsbrooks, Shontisha Williams and Ivan Tewell was also on display.

Fifth-graders Trent Covington, Peter Skold, Tim Brosius, Meredith BonGiorni, Markita Kennedy, Jaymie Brooks, Melissa Saylor, George Deshesky, Pete Kyle, John Parkman, Liz Obermaier, Diana Miller, Elizabeth Schwartz, Katie Ames and Loopee Nelson delighted us with their artistic visions.

On display at the Howard County Center for the Arts were works by fourth-graders Rachel Deitz, Chelsea Horton, Alexandra Rainey and Matthew Stovall.

Their works were part of the Self-Portrait Exhibit.

The central branch of the Howard County Library also displayed work by area students, in celebration of Youth Art Month.

Among the artists shown were fifth-grader Jennifer Janesh and third-grader Ariel Cohen.

And in late winter, Savage Mill held an exhibition, "Rediscovering Totemic Images."

Among the hundreds of pieces shown were those by fifth-graders Lauren Record, Sophia Berruz and Stephanie Lis.

Fourth-grader Daniel Johnson, third-grader Sarah Hicks and second-grader Briana Tilley were included in the exhibition.

Guilford Elementary folks are gearing up for the PTA's live auction, to be held at 7 p.m. May 2.

Parents and staff bid on passes to amusement parks, gift certificates to restaurants, and tickets to Capitals and Bullets games.

And, as if organizing, setting up and clearing after the auction wasn't enough, the school holds its Spring Fair from noon to 3 p.m. the next day -- May 3.

Consult a gardener

The master gardeners from the Co-operative Extension Service of the University of Maryland are scheduled to be in the lobby of the Savage Library from 10 a.m. to noon tomorrow.

Bring these experts your wilting leaves and weird insects, and they'll tell you what to do about the problem.

Children and the elderly

On Wednesday, the Savage Senior Center will hold an intergenerational program for seniors from the Savage and Clarksville areas and young teens from Hammond Middle School.

Young musicians recognized

Cindi Keller, flute teacher and proud mom, called to note the kudos earned by local musicians in area and state competitions.

Five musicians from Patuxent Valley Middle School were accepted into the Gifted and Talented Concert Band.

They played March 21 at Oakland Mills High School.

They were eighth-graders Abigail Keller on flute, Seth Kusnetz on French horn and David Yorzinski on trumpet.

Sixth-graders Karl Petre, on clarinet, and Michal Kusnetz on bassoon were also selected to play.

Eighth-grader Carrie Reichert won first place in the Greater Laurel Music Teachers Association flute competition.

She will join students Karen Becka and Jennifer Walters in the Maryland State Music Teachers Association competition.

Pub Date: 4/25/97

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